Defensive Win for Hamilton!!

The Cats pull out a one point Win over the Argo's, kit should have been a lot more after the Madu drop for a TD and the Masili Fumble at the goal line, Five fumbles now for Masoli this year so far NOT GOOD, big win for the Cats Defence, 4 sacks or so on Ray, great Interception Ed Gainy, good to Zach back, looked good but more work to do, we need two receivers still with speed and great hands hopefully the NFL cuts may give us something?

It's a Win, first one in Tim Horton's Field and against our rivals the Arblows!!

Beat Montreal...we're in first place. Only in the CFL :smiley:


Absolutely, it's great timing, new stadium, Zach is back, Defence is playing Awesome, let's get ready for Montreal now and get a Win and back on top of the CFL East!!

Good Win Cats, Eat Em Raw!!

Great that the Ti-Cats won, but congratulations to you, the fans, for your new stadium and first win/first game in the stadium.
I know you will continue to support your TI-Cats finally at "Home".

That sparse crowd of 18135 was absolutely great.. kudos to them for making things all Argho difficult!!

Sacks -
Coleman - 2 :thup:
Bulcke - 1
Reed - 1
Deflections -
Coleman - 1 :thup:
Harris - 1

INT- 1- Gainey

Held Ray to 142 yrds passing- 1629 :thup: (a lot of drops)
Held Arblows to 35 yrds rushing :thup:

Our problem was untimely penalties and Fumbles

Penalties against us
17 for 111yrds :roll:

Time of possession
HAM- 38min :thup:
BLOWS- 22min.

Shows why we won the game - and why it shouldn't have EVEN been close! Well even ugly wins count! :slight_smile:

Agreed out D won this game

But we need to get the ball to Bakari Grant more, he is a huge playmaker...

Kudos to Special teamers
Marc Beswick on the forced fumble on the opening kickoff, that Plesius recovered and
Beau Landry on the forced fumble early in the third after the safety, that Sam Scott recovered
These are huge plays in a 1 point game

STs coverage unit was great most of the time and certainly did make a difference but we really missed our returners (Banks McDuffie) especially on those really deep kicks. Koch often spent more time trying to figure out where the ball would land but at least he gave it a shot and had a couple of small returns.

The special teams aces set the physical tone today...crushing hits!

Oski Wee Wee,


Defense wins games.....nuff said!!!

Was great to see the defense be the best part of the team today. Finally some consistent pressure on the QB, resulting in sacks, knock downs, and a pick. All this against a 50,000 yard passer, who struggled just to get the 90 yards he needed to break that mark.

I noticed from game 1 that this team has a punishing and speedy defense and special teams. Even in the games that were lost this year, the opposition went a way licking their wounds. This will play dividends over the length of the season, and it is great to see tough football, the way it should be in Hamilton.

Kuddos for the defense for picking things up when the offense struggled to score points. As much as the offense had its troubles scoring, they still had a significant win in the time of possession (38 - 22 mins). Unlike many past games, this did help the defense stay fresh. Hopefully this trend will continue.


Yeah, if I'm Austin, I start threatening players with bear crawls worth 5 times the yardage lost in penalties. IE: You get a 10 yard holding penalty, you owe me 50 yards worth of bear crawls. Why bear crawls? Because I don't know a single person who enjoys bear crawls.


I love bar crawls........

Oh wait you said BEAR crawls.. :lol:

The Argos were crap from the opening fumbled kickoff to the last play of the game. Basically, zero offence. Lousy pass protection, no ground game, dropped passes.... The D was ok but the secondary has some serious holes. Swayze Waters was their best player. The score flattered them because they were outclassed.

At least THS was nice. Much nicer than BMO in Toronto. I liked IWS but this is better.

An Argo-Cat fan

I agree Barney. The Cats won the battle on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. The interior D-line penetration of Bulcke, Laurent, and co. really collapsed the pocket on Ray for the whole day, really. Hamilton dominated physically and the score did flatter Toronto.

Oski Wee Wee,


I thought that Collaros did a great job of spreading the ball around to different receivers. Best I've seen this season.
No disrespect to Dan LeFevour, who I also thought did a great job, but Collaros used the whole offence and that kept the Argos off balance for most of the game and allowed us to win the ball possession part of the game. That had to help the defence.