Defensive Success

An interesting report that leaves me with a question:

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There is a reference to the Tiger-Cats having scored " 8 defensive TDs in 7 games."
I count 7 as the total:
(1) - Sears on an interception return in Game 1 @ Calgary.
(2) - Davis and Stewart, both on interception returns in Game 2 @ Winnipeg.
(2) - Davis with 2 interception returns for TDs in Game 6 vs. Winnipeg.
(2) - Norwood on fumble return and Harris on an interception return in Game 7 vs. B.C.
Am I missing one? Is Stewart's Special Teams TD, on the onside punt recovery vs. Toronto, being considered as a D-TD?

Maybe it's the "new math"? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I believe you're correct, ottawacat. Minor slip-up by Drew.

However, I'm guessing Kevin Glenn wishes it was eight. If he didn't tackle our guy near his own goal line, he wouldn't have torn his pectoral muscle and might still be playing.

Good things will happen with scouting and signing good players and coaching with effective schemes ? No way !