Defensive starters this season?

I know that there is a lot of speculation as to who is going to start this year on defence. I just wanted to see who some peole think should start this year on defence.
My starters:
First off move Kitwana to MLB because he is not effective as a d-linemen. I think he doesnt have the size to line up to some of those hugh o-linemen. I say Rey Williams takes Anton's spot because I think he did better than Anton last year anyway. Obviously Lucas takes his old spot back as well.
The d line should be Chick and Schultz for sure. Then I would say let Verdon and Adams fight for the other interior spot in camp. I personally like Verdon a lot better. The other DE spot should be up for grabs. I would go with Baggs as of now but Williams, Mullinder and Sykes should be given a shot in camp to challenge.
The starting safety should be James Patrick. The DB's should be Davis, Heard, Morgan and Frazier. I would like to see some young players challenge Morgan for his spot because he played poorly at times last year.

I doubt they're moving Kitwana, and they've as much as said that Rey Williams will play middle. It could be that McCollough plays middle and Rey stays at the Will, but my preference would be Lucas at Sam, Rey at Mack and that new kid, Olabajatutu or whatever, has a great camp and plays the Will.

I think you'll see Morgan, ED and Frazier, with Patrick and Kornegay fighting it out for the othe corner, with the loser and Heard being the 6-7 dbs. One of Clovis or Mitchell will be the safety as it stands now.

On the D-line, I don't know - right now I'd say things are more or less how last year started, but I hope some lesser known player has a great camp and pushes their way into the starting four.

My prediction only differs slightly. With Mullinder starting because I like his height and hence knockdown ability. He's pretty fit and can get up there. I think pass knockdowns and containment are often overlooked by fans but bail out mistakes by DBs and play a huge part of a solid d-line. Those other guys you mention and others you didn't will also play a role. Lets hope not as much as was necessary last year.

Saw an interview with Miller yesterday where he was talking about Leron Mitchell maybe playing Corner.

I like the idea of moving Kitwana Jones around. The guy was great when they used him as a wild card, playing different positions so the other team never knew where he was coming from; playing him as a regular DE I think reduced his impact, and I agree he’s too small to play DE as a full time starter.

I don't think Kitwanna is a very good cover guy, so I don't see him at linebacker this year. And contrary to what many keep saying, I think he played pretty darned well at DE. 55 tackles is a good effort. I do agree he was effective as a part time linebacker/rush end. And in etch's deece, I think what we'll see is more of a "7 man unit" than a true 3-4, 0r 4-3 defence. That means Kitwanna will likely be in a rotation of about 9 or 10 guys which will include at least 4 linebackers and 5 D-linemen. I think the problems on the line last year were the lack of consistancy in personel on the other side, with Chick out most of the year, and Chunky being hurt. If Chick is healthy, and Chunky is healthy (or replaced) I think you'll see a very effective pass rush from Kitwanna. Now we do have two other guys in the mix that played well at times--Baggs and Williams. I like both those guys and so neither Chick or Kitwanna are safe. And they may look at moving Kitwanna back. But Williams might be able to play in the middle. At 6'6" he is big enough. And again, in what I expect from Etch this year, nobody will really be set at a position. I think they definately lok to improve on the line, but don't rule out status quo either.
At linebacker, I'm going to tout Kye Stewart. Just because I am already sick to death of hearing Sam Iwannabe is the next coming. I am sure SAm has some good potential, but what I know for sure is, he hasn't won a starting job in Feb. because a few fans love reading bios. And I would hope there will be at least 2 or 3 other guys in camp. Maybe 4 or 5. But certainly Rey is a sure starter--unless he loses his job to Sam Iwannabe who by all reports is the second coming.
At DB, the people already here have the upper hand. So I think Heard or Patrick at corner--I just don't think Kornegay is the answer. But there is usually a couple of rookies that surprise, so we could see one of them. And Morgan is not a lock. And I think they will look at starting an import at safety. Ratio elsewhere will likely determine that, but we carried a back-up import o-lineman most of last year and I doubt we will do that again, so instant import available to play safety. I am personally in favour of looking at Eddie as safety.
The one thing to remember is, ET is a trading machine. He has recruited very few people to this team, but has made a ton of trades. Look for at least one more on defence before TC. Assuming he is in a position to do so....

For what is worth, here is my fantasy defence roster

DL-Deke Bake, John Chick, Scott Schultz, and Rodney Leisle (I think he will be back in Regina come training camp)
LB-Renauld Williams, Sean Lucas, and Zeke Moreno (I think if the price is right, the 'riders will try and acquire him)
DB-Omarr Morgan, Eddie Davis, Lance Frazier, Derrick Johnson, James Patrick/Leron Mitchell platoon at safety.

The pimary rotation players will be Kitwana Jones and Keith Shologan and Sam Olajubutu being a special team demon.

Who are Derrick Johnson and that Leisle dude?

(From the 'rider website)

Derrick Johnson
Birthplace Long Beach, CA
Date of Birth February 9, 1982
College Washington
Years Pro 3
Years In League R
Years With Riders R
PRO: Signed free agent deal with Riders in January, 2009…signed as a free agent with the Seattle Seahawks in 2008…signed as a free agent with the Houston Texans in 2008…signed as a free agent with the Miami Dolphins in 2007…signed as a free agent with the Atlanta Falcons in 2006…signed as a free agent with the Houston Texans in 2006…originally drafted in the 6th round (205th overall) by the San Francisco 49ers in 2005.
2008: Spent time on Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans practice rosters.
2007: Spent time on Miami Dolphins practice roster.
CAREER: Split 2006 season between Atlanta and Houston…dressed in three games with the Texans and one had one defensive tackle…also dressed for two games with the Falcons where he had one tackle…dressed in 14 games for San Francisco in 2005 and started in five of those games…finished the year with 41 defensive tackles and four passes defended.
COLLEGE: Spent four seasons at the University of Washington where he dressed in 48 games…finished his collegiate career with 17 interceptions and set a school record by recording an interception in four straight games during his junior season…also returned kickoffs and punts.

Rodney Leisle (from Wikipedia)

Rodney Allen Leisle (born February 5, 1981 in Fresno, California) is an American football defensive tackle for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. He was originally drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the fifth round of the 2004 NFL Draft. He played college football at UCLA. He 6' 3" tall, weighs 315 lbs and is 27 years old.

(from sportsnet)

A classic lunchpail type in the middle. Has great lower-body strength, anchors well, and never gives up. Uses his hands well and can disengage from blocks. A sound tackler who will deliver a blow. Plays with a mean streak and hustles on every play.

Doesn't have great size or athleticism. Isn't very quick off the snap and lacks top pass rush and change-of-direction skills. Over-pursues plays and gets too far into the backfield at times.

They'd have to sign him far as I have heard, he's still a free agent...

Apparently that's all but done.

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What's the deal with that Sholgan guy? Is he with the Riders or is he still down south?

He was here last fall and will be at TC. He actually had two tackles last year.....
It's the other guy we don't know about yet. He may be waiting for the NFL draft. Stadnyk.