Defensive sheme????

Firt of all, I am thrilled we won and am impresssed by the poise the players exhibited in trying times (usually courtesy of the stripes). Having 44 points racked up against you will always raise some eyebrows but I am not going to go there, we won and came through when it counted.

However, on a move forward basis, I wish to raise the issue of what is going thru Chamblin's mind when he designs his defence? I have previously been concerned about his not being able to use the talents of his players to their best ability but only to fit his scheme, his use of Stevie Bagss being a case in point. I was disappointed with Baggs not playing but understand the ratio and JJ was phenomenal.

My questions is why you take the league's leading sacker, Hickman, and force hin to play pass coverage in the flats and downfield. TSN clearly showed Hickman in no man's land pass coverage on a play that went for the TD, and on the TD prior to that, just as Jamall Richardson catches about a 20 yard pass a couple of yards over the goal line, there just to his right, in pass coverage inside our end zone, is our #95 Hickman. What's with that, using a defensive end, our only pass pressure provider, in pass coverage. I know, I know, it is designed to fool them, but that is ridiculous. My concern is that with Baggs and Hickman we could and should have the two best rush ends in the league, but the system has neutralized them

Or maybe we were just trying to fool the Blue Bombers??? yeah right

I hear you. I'm not sure if you could say we have a "scheme". After todays kids have learned some new choice words...well.....actually they've heard me say those words before. But my hair line has greatly receded because of this game.