Defensive secondary

It's too bad that the defensive secondary wasn't able to make the flight out with the rest of the team. They have taken a step backwards by inserting Bo Smith into the lineup in the past weeks, IMO. It was only a matter of time until opposing teams decided to exploit his weak coverage. He is currently being taken off the field on the cart as I type. I am not happy that he is injured but his absence will not hurt the secondary. They have reverted back to playing 10 yards off and back pedalling at the snap of the ball.

And the fact that the d line didn't get to Burris fast enough didn't help. Burris got rid of the ball fast.

Were we playing zone?Seemed that way to me anyways and they tore us apart for it.No intensity whatsoever tonight.Thigpen, Stala and McDaniel came to play but that's about it.

The Secondary went back to playing ten yards off the receiver and with Calgary's talent that'll 'bend and break' all night.

I don't see why anyone is surprised. The media was going on and on about how the defense played so great the last 3 games. They had Edmonton at home, then Toronto (who has no offense), and then Montreal on a short week without Watkins. Of course the defense had some great stats. Anyone remember how the secondary played the previous two weeks ... terrible.

They played off and let Calgary get the short passes and tried to defend the deep threat ... only they didn't make plays on the deep balls either.

I was a little ticked at the way the referees made Calgary's secondary look better and ours look worse. Calgary was grabbing jerseys and bumping our receivers all day, and they never look back for the ball, just run straight down the field into the receiver. Our defense gets called for illegal contact within the 5 yard zone (against Johnson), and when the receiver ran into our player on a rub play (against Smith). Not blaming the refs for the loss, but the pass interference and illegal contact calls that were being made were very inconsistant.


If this is the defensive plan and personel Greg Marshal has to defend against the pass…we are in seroius trouble. Marshall needs to have another spirited conversation with the boys. One thing that was previously mentioned - Browner HOLDS on every play - bush leauge defense.