defensive secondary

It may be time to gut Montreal's secondary. Poor coverage forced the defence to risk time and time again. Zone coverage against a good quarterback leads to long drives and a tiring defence. Solid man to man defence is sometimes required. In the off season scouting has its work cut out.

Injuries didn't help matters

and also ricky picked then apart.........

  1. Malveaux has got to go.

  2. Matthews and Curry should kiss and make up.

Karikari and Durden are solid; Proulx, given time, is a keeper. So if we have Curry replace Crutchfield on one corner, we have Karikari, Bell, and Durden, so all we need is one more shut-down DB. Popp should be able to dig one up somewhere.

I think the gay guy on the cfl commercials could have played better than the Als secondary.


Crutchfield and Malveaux are awful! Crutchfield couldn't cover a mosquito with a beach towel... Why these two guys played and Almondo Curry was sent off to dust toilets, is a mystery to me (Curry is better than both of them). Then again, Don Matthews is the same guy who started two ROOKIE CORNERBACKS in the 2003 Grey Cup. Maybe the Don, not knowing how to be interesting anymore, wants to become the head coach who LOSES the most Grey Cups. Its my theory, but damn it holds water!!!