Defensive Secondary -or- Injury Central

So, if Sanchez can’t go next week, and with Woldu on the limp and Drew gone for the season, what’s our starting 5 for next game? Sanchez’s absence affects ratio and almost certainly means Boulay will have to play.

Here’s what I’d do:

Estelle (corner): Looked great in his first game back except for that off-side call on the goal line.

Hendrix (halfback): He did a good job in injury relief last season. He certainly can’t be worse than Kizer.

Boulay (safety): Put Etienne back where he belongs.

Cox (halfback): I hate him this season, but with Drew out and Cody gone, we really have no choice but to stick with him.

Carter (corner): This might be the opportunity Khalil Carter needs to get his foot in the door.

Backups dressed: Proulx, Kizer

You seem to forget that only 19 imports can dress, excluding Q.B.; you add Hendrix and Carter and only delete Smith. One more has to be dropped. Tell us who.

Hendrix was never a starter last year; he was more often on the injury list or healthy "exemption"; Kizer is doing a good job and getting better;he is a good tackler. He was involved on at least 2 occasions on the goal line stand last night.

No matter the injury situation, the change that I would make would be to delete Smith and add Carter; in fact, last night Boulay played more than Smith.

I expect Sanchez to be healthy; same for Cobourne and Bowman. The fact that we don't play before September 7,2008 will help us.

Be more positive; yes we made mistakes and BC had almost 200 more yards of offense, but we had the W and they had the L. As we say "statistics are for losers". We are 6-3; probably no one of us anticipated that 9 games ago; I did not. We will get better.


I’d delete Kizer and dress Woldu, assuming he’s healthy.

Don’t tell me to be more positive when our D gave up 500 yards of offense in one game and Pierce himself said afterward that we had no answer for what they were doing on offense.

Stats are for losers? The only losers are people who try to dismiss the facts with cliché.

Stats are for losers.
We have to play one game at a time.
We need to step up our game.
It wasn’t pretty, but we’ll take the two points.

Got anymore clichés for me?

First off, Richard, Hendrix WAS a starter last year; he replaced Sanchez when the latter went down for like about half the season…and played rather well on the corner I’d say.

If he can’t come back, then I’d give Carter a shot on the corner, ratio permitting.

Kizer hasn’t impressed me either on the corner or at HB; Smith I think has played better, not sure if we can move him around back there, but it might be worth looking at.

I agree Cox has not looked terribly good this year, but is it him or the soft zone we are playing most of the time?

But at 6-3 we’re in a good spot. Only tinkering is needed here and there at this point.

Can anyone tell me why Deslauriers is still playing first string? We never throw to him…so why is he there, just taking up space? If we aren’t going to throw to him, sit him down and put someone else in there that AC does have confidence in throwing to. It’s like we’re playing a man short all the time.

Thank you, Jack! I knew I wasn't crazy. Yes, Hendrix played pretty well in injury relief last season. He would definitely be an option on the corner.

If he can't come back, then I'd give Carter a shot on the corner, ratio permitting.
Hats off to Popp for providing us with so much depth in our secondary, which has been absolutely riddled with injury this year. Have we even had ONE game with the starting 5 projected before the season started?
I agree Cox has not looked terribly good this year, but is it him or the soft zone we are playing most of the time?
Hard to tell, but Drew had no problems before his injury, and opposing QBs seem to throw to Cox's man a lot and complete passes with a frightening degree of regularity. A DB making lots of tackles is usually a bad sign: it means his receiver has caught a pass and that he's failed to knock it down.
Can anyone tell me why Deslauriers is still playing first string? We never throw to why is he there, just taking up space? If we aren't going to throw to him, sit him down and put someone else in there that AC does have confidence in throwing to. It's like we're playing a man short all the time.
No clue, dude. I've been calling for Deslauriers's benching for weeks. He's invisible out there, never gets open, never hustles for the ball, never lays out for a catch.

Jack, I know it might not count for much, but Deslauriers does hold his blocks well on sweeps and rub routes. He's a big bodied receiver who's doing some of the dirty work that has to get done.

I wouldn't want Desrivaux doing any of that when he could be catching balls and getting YAC.

The guy still needs to carry his weight...well ok half his weight in terms of offensive production. He says himself he's having a hard time fitting in with this offense.

But hard work is everything to Trestman, so I suspect he's working his rear end off in practice...

Jack, interesting point, but tell me this; does any football team keep as a first string guy a wideout whose sole role is to block well on sweeps and rub routes? No? Didn't think so.

Desriveaux gets YAC yards yes; Deslauriers doesn't because we never throw to him and when we do he doesn't often catch it.

My point is if AC has no confidence in throwing to the guy then sit him down; what is the point of playing a man short all the time? He's not even a decoy, everyone knows we aren't going to throw to him more than once per game, if that.

The point is that as long as the player si working hard enough and his position coach see that the player can come out of it, you work with him. I remember the Als working with Woodcock in 2002 and he was a big part of winning the Grey Cup.

The Als are building a team and frankly with the lack of opposition in the East can continue to work with Deslauriers.

Desrivaux has played well but dosen't give ou the physical aspect Deslauriers does. We just don't have another 220 NI receiver to stick in there.

Calvillo no longer calls the plays so that is a non issue. Films would show if he was avoiding Deslauriers in open situations anyway.

Just because Calvillo isn't calling his own plays doesn't mean he can't go away from Deslauriers. I'm sure his package of plays includes an option to the backside WR. He's gone to it a few times this season.

In any case, for his own sake, Deslauriers had better pick it up down the stretch. High draft pick or not, if you can't perform up to expectation within 2-3 seasons, you'll be cut.

Calvillo is not that kind of guy. He spent his carreer spreading the ball around. If Deslauriers was open and Calvillo could see him. He’d pass him the ball.


Isn't it nice to be 6-3 and all we can really find to nit-pick about is a spare part wide receiver?

True enough. And the main problem is that Deslauriers just isn't getting open with any regularity.

If Deslauriers's role is to block on sweeps etc then perhaps we should install a big tight end at that position. A tight end would also be able for screens or short passes and would improve the blockling on the appropriate side. If Deslauriers's role is to pass catch then, he is not up to the job. If his role is to block, a tight end might do a better job. As noted, the offence is functioning as if we played with 11 men!!

That's what the signing of Jeff Keeping is for but he's injured.

I suspect this is also why we're seeing Fritz check in as a tight end on more plays. More useful to have an experienced O-lineman throwing those blocks.

Well, I don't see how you keep Khalil Carter out of the lineup with the performance he had yesterday. Sure, he had two PI calls against, but one was bogus and the other was extremely borderline. Unlike Chip Cox, Carter doesn't get routinely beaten in man coverage, and he actually has ball-hawking skills, which is something our defensive secondary sorely misses outside of Davis Sanchez. Looking ahead to next season, if I'm Marc Trestman, I make Carter and Drew my starting inside halfbacks and let Cox go. Take a look at most plays this season and you'll see no. 11 getting beaten. Though we still let Hamilton convert on 2nd and long early, we weren't nearly as soft in pass coverage as we normally are, and for that I have to give Carter credit. Estelle rebounded from a horrific game and shut down Rodriguez the whole night.

Now, if we could just get Boulay back, our secondary might be able to make plays on a regular basis.

I agree with D and P, Boulay belongs at safety.He did not make his NFL try at corner and, I thought he was not effective when he played half. He has the speed to help others in pass coverage and he hits like a ton when tackling a receiver not covered by other defensive backs. I have, for the first time, been impressed by Proulx. He is playing at his expected level at the time he was drafted. It was good to view his blitzing at an earlier game.