Defensive QB (MLB)

Perhaps overlooked but just as important would be to acquire a good experienced CFL MLB to call the defensive plays.
Two names come to mind
Pierre-Luc Labbe in Winnipeg. In 2011 played a lot in passing downs behind Lobo and also played well when Lobo went down to injury. Also in 2011 started in the East Final and Grey Cup. In 2012 battled Muamba to the wire before losing out the starting job. I dont think that Winnipeg will be able to protect him and he will most likely be the best Canadian available

James Yurichuk in Toronto. Also in 2011 started and played very well when Elimimian was injured. In 2012 got stuck behind another stud in Bighill. Signed with Toronto and again was all star McCune in the Middle. Toronto mostly seemed to want him as special teams player and thought that he should of started at MLB in the EDF. Problem here is that although Toronto will not protect him they may not be able to protect Black or Gabriel so they may be the better choice at safety, especially if Black is available. He may not be available in the next round of the import draft but he could be as they appear to like Pottinger better.

I think both are primed and ready to be a solid starter at MLB. Both have experience and knowledge and have started before. Both are also great special teams player a must for any starting MLB for coverage teams in the CFL. Both I beleive have been underated.
Using that experience along with solid steady play can be flanked by a couple of athletic import LBs at SAM and Will.
If they can acquire both MLB a ratio buster spot for sure.

Shea Emry and Henoc Muamba are scheduled for FA.
Frederic Plesius may not be protected by Hamilton
Doubtful the Lions will protect both bighill and Eliminiam

Linebackers don't call plays anymore. Coaches call them from the sideline. Just watch teams on defence -- every player looks to the sideline to get the call from a coach.

If I’m running Ottawa, and the Lions do leave one of those two unprotected, then I’m picking him for sure.

As do the OC for the QBs on offense but there are but the MLB still has to get the play and call it and call out changes and direct

If they could get Muamba or Emery that would be a great investment but not for an import at MLB through FA but getting Elimian would be a good choice if left unprotected for the import draft. Already under contract and for unprotected Canadians I think that BC is thin in that area anyway. Norman, Kirby, Harris, Gore, Westerman, and maybe another lineman or Ianuzzi. I cant think of anyone else

Well I like Labbe but he retired, also I liked Yurichik but Ottawa took Pottinger. Quick to gorget that Pottinger was a starter not that far back and was injured. new coach Chris Jones along with recovering and the Argos went with McCune who in his 2nd year with TOR was an All Star.
Whetehr Pottinger still has what it takes to start with some new import FAs coming from NFL or NCAA surround him at Will and SAM. having him as atleast the back up MLB/ Special teams players will fit nicely into the roster with Pottinger being a Canadian back up to a possible import MLB.
Or they could make there statement and sign Muamba but I like his NFL chances as a special teams player for 2 or three seasons before retuning to the CFL before he is 30.

Also another important spot on D is the safety spot which Frser should man as a starter. Rumor mill has Etienne Boulay looking to make a comeback once he gets into shape. Boulay also once a prime Canadian starter until injury would be an excellent back up as well as a great Special teams vet similar age as Pottinger

Umm, no. As I said, all defensive players get the signal at the same time from coaches on the sideline, not from the MLB or any other player on the defence. The days of MLBs announcing plays to the defence have been gone for a long time.

As for offence, the players do not "look to the sidelines" for a play call because it is communicated to the QB by voice to his helmet, and from the QB to the offence in the huddle or at the line. The players on offence do look to the sidelines to see which personnel are required, but that is it. There is a reason offences have huddles but defences don't -- offensive players need to be told the play by the QB, defensive players are told the play by hand signals from the sidelines.

Yes i know what you said so let me digress my statement. A good MLB who knows the CFL's larger field will be able to direct traffic out their after a play call is in. the Safety also being in the middle of the field and able to see everything also will be able to point out.

Signing Mark Nelson might give Ottawa a shot at signing Emry if he hits free agency. There are also two very good Linebackers in the upcoming draft. Max Caron a MLB and Beau Landry a Safety/MAC hybrid type. One of the two could be available to Ottawa at 10.

WOW. If they could get Emery to take the train over to Ottawa that would be huge. Pottinger is already in place as the back up.
Also would put a cramp in there rivals defense who had a pretty good thing going with Emery starting and Marco B. back up Utility at 3 positions.
If the Rumors of Etienne Boulay can get back in shape and make a comeback to back up Fraser.
Sholo at DT with Evans behind him.

That would be 3 starting Canadian spots with back ups on defense