Defensive POW

Although I realize that it is not a slam dunk that an Edmonton player will get the defensive POW this week (Solomon Elimimian and Ian Wild both deserve a look) I do think it should go to someone in Green & Gold.

Hypothetically, if it is an Eskimo. Would you give the award to Odell Willis or to Dexter McCoil? Willis had a great game but how do you ignore McCoils 2 picks and 2 tds. So often, putting points on the board is a big factor and few defensive players have ever score 2 touchdowns in a game. I still think Willis should get the nod but it is a tough choice this week for the selectors.

My vote goes to Willis,the guy is a freak out there this season,a one man wrecking ball.If it wasn't for Willis then McCoil
doesn't get that 1rst TD. The Edmonton "D" right now are in my opinion the best group in the league,they are having an
amazing season so far and are a fun group to watch.Also the X-Cats (Steele,Young,Rwabakamba)are all playing way
better than they ever did when they were Cats.It seems like that with any player that Hamilton lets go lately,they look terrific.............
in another uniform and on another team. :? Go Figure :roll:

Legget with 3 interceptions is the obvious choice. Even if they were tipped. Still have to catch them.

Can't see it, even in that game Wild had 15 tackles. Comparing Legget with McCoil and Willis, Legget had 3 int, no tds and 3 tackles. McCoil had 2 int, 2 tds and 5 tackles. Willis had 1 int, 3 tackles, 2 sacks and a huge assist on McCoils first td. I respectfully disagree although I would say he deserves a look, I would say even on the Bombers, Wild is a better choice.