Defensive Players for hire?

This defense is terrible, 500 yards of offense given up last night, 30+ points in 3 of the games, something needs to be changed, we need to change a scheme or bring someone in. Even if we bring a few guys in just to scare the starters a little into playing better because they are in fear of losing their jobs, it couldn't hurt. So off the top of my head I have two, Stanford Samuels and Scott Coe. Feel free to add to this list. This is steeltown, we pride ourselves on a good, gritty, rough and tough defense.

Argos released a starting DB at the final cuts this year that I am sure could beat out Gordon (maybe Carter)

I heard Taffe say, and O'Bie agree that the team was not going to have a revoling door of players this year. I say bring in the best!

there are plenty of good DB's/CB's for "hire"

Stanford Samuels, Khalil Carter, Juran Bolden, and Airabin Justin.

As for the D-line, i think we may have to wait for some NFL cuts unless Obie decideds to make a trade.


Three spots need immediate attention or it will be a long suffering of blow outs and mistakes after mistakes.

1/ Defensive ends - an immediate upgrade is needed.

2/ Safety - Glasper - is absolutely pathetic.

3/ Outside Linebacker - Moreno is lost with out support on the sides - Marius is a substandard canadian special teams guy.

8) You're right, and the scary part is that the real quality D Lineman from the NFL cuts won't be available till Labour Day !! The season may already be over for us by then !!!!!

The Als have released import DE Kevin Winston; he would be worth a look as an improvement on Charlton Keith (known as the "one-game wonder"). The Argos released DB/Safety Wayne Shaw...other than being a non-import, I don't see him as postive return to the Ticats.

Other teams find the the likes Cameron Wake - Tom Canada - Anwar Stewart - why can't this team do same?

Did they get blown out by the best team in the CFL ???