Defensive Player of Week for Week 8

Alright, I admit that I didn't get a chance to watch the other 3 games (I was away), but Coby Rhinehart played INCREDIBLY against Saskatchewan. A player-of-the-week performance, anyway ... who else could take it?

The Toronto Offence

Yeah, agreed. He was matched-up with Matt Dominguez most of the night, and he was simply lights-out. He's been their best cover man all season.

what about BUSH!! he shut down Copeland.... for 30 yards? and no TD :wink:

Kidd had a great game against the Eskies too, as did Washington & Miles

So what? That's been Copeland all year.
You can't compare holding someone in a slump to 30 yards and a TD (which was called back) to 8 tackles, an INT, a Sack and a forced fumble.

IMO maybe Copeland continued his slump because he was covered by Bush and couldnt break free :stuck_out_tongue: ever think of that, but i guess if he had a good game it would of been Copeland this, Copeland that, Copeland is the best :roll: :lol: so that what! what :lol:

Bush still didn't have as good a game as Rhinehart ... and Rhinehart was on the winning team, too. And he definitely contributed to Calgary winning. It wasn't Cope's fault that that TD was called back ...