Defensive Line

With the recent addition of Charleston Hughes and signing Jefferson, I have to think we've got a solid D-line. Only reservation I have is Dickenson is a Wally Buono understudy and nobody knows 'best before' dates like Wally does. Wonder if Dickie let Hughes go thinking his best before date has past? Thoughts?

2 years in a row he lead the league in sacks...even a bit of a decline he is still one of the top few in the league. No doubt this would not be a building for the long term move, but for 1-3 years...great

What no one is considering is WHY, Hughes lead the league in sacks. It has as much to do with our secondary as anything.
Look for drop off is riderville, as all ex stamps do

Hughes will lead the league in sacks in 2018. Mark it down.