Defensive line help on the way!

Wow, can you believe this turn of events! Popp finally convinced Dan Klecko DT to sign with the Alouettes! His signing, along with Vaughn Martin DT, a 2011 draft choice, who joined the club earlier this week after being cut by the Chargers, was enough for the Als' staff to schedule a parade for very late November. But then Popp the maestro, not yet satisfied, goes out and signs John Chick who was recently released by the Colts!

Our defensive line is now: Bowman - Klecko - Bekasiak/Martin - Chick

Arguably the best defensive line in the CFL. Oh wait, what is that annoying noise... Darn clock radio waking me from a dream. Gotta go to work.

Hey, we can dream! :smiley:

Maybe it was a precognitive dream :lol:

Oh ! Your not funny :? :wink:

Ah man
You had me going!
That was a cruel, cruel joke!


Gabe, you got me good on this one, I must admit. :lol:

If he'd left out the Vaugh Martin part, he'd us real good... :lol:

Gabe, you can't make posts like that! I suspect that many of us are getting up there, age-wise, and that ain't good for the ol' ticker! Ha! ha!