Defensive Front 7 what do you think??

Tom Canada and Nautyn Mckay Loescher as DE
Clinton Wayne and Dario Romero as DT
JoJuan Armour and Charlton Keith OLB
Zeke Moreno LB

That looks pretty solid to me i think.

I think this is going to be a very long off-season.

I like the idea of going after Canada and Romero to strengthen the D-Line. But can we afford them? If we can, and if we could rotate Keith and Reid in, wow.

How about this for a trade possibility? Brock Ralph to Calgary for Brian Clark (who was a healthy scratch for the Stamps playoff game). Hmmmmmmm. That deal would make Ralph happy because he could play with his brother in his home province. Plus, it would give us a quality OLB to play with Armour and Moreno. I could see Jim Barker and Obie giving that one the OK.

Chances are we could afford Canada or Romero, not both. I would opt to go for Tom Canada of the two. Allowing Keith to rotate at DE, you would have a formidable threesome on the outside.

At DT, Wayne is capable. I would like to see another import brought in to start, leaving us with three import starters on the D-line. If Bekasiak is tried out on the O-line (which is one theory floated here), then Wayne could stick as a starter. My guess though is that J.P. will be given a shot to start at DL during camp. We shall see how that develops.

Putting Keith on the outside as an OLB might be a wrinkle to be done occasionally if he is sent on blitzes or stunting with the DE, but I really don't want to see him in a footrace with a Wes Cates or Charles Roberts in pass coverage. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

i'm not sold on keeping brock ralph around; if we can get something fabulous for him, let's make a deal. he's the kind of guy, though, that after you deal him he could come up with a monster season.
however, i wouldn't trade him straight up for brian clark, who's got a lot of miles on him and possibly will be out of the league after the coming training camp. we should get a lot more for ralph than an ancient, three-steps-slower brian clark. clark wouldn't have made our team last season ... there would surely be no room for him here in 2008.

I have heard that the more cerebral Oshawa fans cheer for the Argo's. :stuck_out_tongue:

But Canada and Romero would be an upgrade.

although there are some football educated people on this forum from time to time, there are still a few imposters who try to lead us to believe they know something when really all they do is piggy back on someone else's idea and call it their own.
in one instance you make a clever observation then you don't know other teams' personnel. jim barker does not call the shots in calgary anymore and you would have had to be hiding under a rock the last month to know they've hired a new coach named john hufnagel...oh yeah he's also the GM. do your homework before you come on here and try to play fantasy football and say that "you think jim barker and obie would go for that" or is it you hope that barker and obie would go for it-big difference.maybe you should just read the posts.

I like McKay and Keith at DE, but we need to find better DT's. Our linebacking core is strong provided we re-sign Armour. So in my mind the front 7 is pretty much set, we need to add 1 great DT and an OLB and we should be fine. Now, the secondary, wow, that's another issue...

I wouldn't write off Bekasiak as a possible future force at DT - Philbrick wasn't a star right from the get go, but he had the size, skills (Bekasiak had some excellent test numbers at the CFL Combine) and toughness to become a great CFL DT with some experience; the notion that Bekasiak - without the experience and finesse needed - could become a good CFL O-lineman is mighty iffy IMO and maybe laughable - who is he going to better than over the current crop of young Ticat O-linemen (guys who were top notch players at the position in college ball and now have some CFL experience)- asking a ton IMO.

McKay-L and Keith look like pretty good book-ends at DE, but find another guy to compliment them; Wayne & Dunbrack are solid vets and maybe Bekasiak forms a nice platoon at DT with them; Reid may still pan out too - at DT or DE. BUT - bring in some new talent to compete in TC for sure - maybe an ex-NFLer or young import FA or maybe a draft pick. Canada and Romero would both be decent FA signings, but I wouldn't break the bank for either of those guys (getting vet FAs is probably costly).

D-line might be a very solid area for the Ticats next season with the guys they already have or with one or two nice additions.

i don't think we need Canada all that much. I think a solid D-line would be Keith, Romero, Wayne and Mckay. I would rather resign Armour and pick up Cox to strengthen the secondary and Hunt to make the linebacking core the best in the league than get Canada.

I could see this happening, plus the Cats trying to re-sign Cody.