defensive coverage

We just need to blitz a D.B on the edg every play(or LB,s inside, pressure the op QB's constantly

8) It's called the, "Mike Keenan Syndrum". :wink:

I seems to me that in every game I watch the opponent picks us apart with their passing game. Our defenders are usually at least 5 yds off the receivers and often more, unless they are chasing them down the field. I understand the concept of zone coverage vs man to man so if we are playing zone and getting beat, why the h-- aren't we changing to man to man. Is it because our secondary is not fast enough to keep up? Is it just that the secondary are not good enough? I mean, we seem to be able to control their running game, it's the passing game that's killing us. I believe we have some very good players out there but they're underachieving. Surely the coaching staff can see this too, why aren't they doing something to change it? Do we need a player change, coaching change, or both?? We sure as h-- need something!
Maybe someone out there with better football minds than mine can shed some light on this because I can't figure it out.

i think the problem in our defensive backfield is talent .
Last year it was a weak unit and our best shut down guy was Chris Thompson who made others around him better like Tisdale .

This year Tisdale has moved out of position and has not done well without Thompson .

Most of the guys in this backfrield would not nad have not started for any other CFL team . The exception is Shivers and he has started for the ARGOS . Dennis was a secailty teams guy in BC , Bradely has only ever played for Hamilton , Tisdale and Bo Smith are the 2 worst of the bunch

I would move in either Shannon James Or MARKEITH Knowlton into a db spot both have played there before ..the other could remain at SAM linebacker ....I would get Bradely back in there at corner along with Hinds and keep Dennis at Halfback with either james or Shivers ...

Tisdale and Bo Smith have to go ...and we need to bring in some NFL cuts and maybe others with CFL experienc

Have to admit to having a good chuckle yesterday, when the TSN comentators mentioned that Bellefeuille thinks that Tisdale is the teams "best cover guy". Then I stopped laughing, because maybe he is!

Yes. During the four-game win streak, I think our secondary looked better than it was because Winnipeg receivers dropped balls or Toronto's qb couldn't hit them. Faced with the best qbs in the league, our secondary has been picked apart. Folks are complaining about Barker on another thread, but he doesn't police the sidelines where we've been scarred the last two games.

After the weekend, Hamilton's D stands 6th for yards against, but that isn't saying much since we are only 19 yards away from giving up the most in the league. Over 13 games, 18 yards is all that separates us from Edmonton's D.

For first downs surrendered, the Hamilton D is dead last.

If the players aren't listening to Marshall, then apparently they haven't been listening since June.


The D gives up an average of 401.3 yards per game!

Toronto and Edmonton are worse and are tied at giving up a very close 402.7, a 1.4 yard difference form the worst!

Yuck! And we still have to play Montreal and Calgary!

BTW, the offence averages 371.9 yards per game, for 5th best.


Sad, but true.

As a life-long Ticat fan I post this with the best intent. I hope that nobody is offended by what I have to say, so here goes…

With the Cats ranking as 7th best defence in an 8 team league when it comes to points allowed:

is it time to consider changes to the DC? Where is the “bend but don’t break” defence we saw earlier this year? GM was supposed to be the best Defensive Co-ordinator in the league and we (including yours truly) considered ourselves lucky that he was overlooked for the vacant head coaching positions going into 2010. His team, this year, unfortunately doesn’t prove that out. He still has 5 regular season games left this year. I say if we don’t see marked improvement in defensive results we should look elsewhere for 2011. I realize that it is the players who actually play the game, but he decides who plays and he draws up the defensive plays. I think the responsibility for the results rest with him. The buck stops there.

except that going into that game, we were 3rd best. As far as I'm concerned, it's not the defence that's not pulling its own weight, it's the Offence. We give up a lot of short/mid yard plays, but that is a natural consequence of the style of D we play. The deep balls that we've given up in the past 2 games have been the exception thus far, not the rule.

Any word on Shivers? He was really beginning to come into his own. Would be great to have him back

Sorry, but I gotta disagree with you here.

PLEASE tell me that we have some new DBs in camp today :roll:

We have a couple on our injury list. Does that count?

I agree with ticat1, Shivers was starting to get it together the couple of games before he was injured. And the rest of the DBs were just starting to gel before he and Bradley both went down.

Unless Shivers is out for a long period, any changes now could mess things up even more than they are now, in my opinion.

While our fans and coaches too, I guess, felt our secondary sucked in EDM and that was the big issue, their coaches see it another way:

[url=] ... 81401.html[/url]

Another piece to the puzzle. Give a QB enough time, and he's eventually going to find an open receiver. Their o-line definitely seemed to contain our rushers. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around, with the d-line containing the QB?
The d-line seemed twitchy at the beginning of the game, almost like they had WAY too much Red-Bull. And it resulted in a few early offside calls. After that, they never seemed to get the jump on the o-line. Even our blitzes seemed ineffective this week.

Not letting the secondary off the hook yet. Still want to watch the game again. (I haven't been able to bring myself to do that yet. Wound still too fresh.)

So. Uhh... anyone else want to disagree with me? Anyone? Am I still out in left field?

15 games in and we've given up the least amount of points in the entire league!

Calgary has given up 27 points in the first half of week 15

Your comment re the offense has applied in our past performances against elite competition where the defence kept us in games (vs. Calgary and Saskatchewan) but the offense did not get the job done in terms of pulling the game out late. Against Montreal? Until tonight, with the exception of the 500-yard passing effort by Glenn against the Als (41-38 on Oct. 18 in Montreal) last year, we crapped the bed under Gibson's tenure at OC, often scoring in the single digits.

Tonight showed what can happen when BOTH sides of the ball act in concert. It was attack, attack, attack most of the night. In the key stat -- turnovers -- we wiped the floor with the Als. Calvillo was hurried and contained. The proof is in how leads were extended. Again and again!

Both Gibson and Marshall can continue to use this gameplan as the framework for all future games we have this year. It's important to accentuate what's been done. To retreat away from the approach on display would be a huge mistake.

Oski Wee Wee,