defensive coverage

It seems that since Bo smith has been back that our db coverage has been pretty lame is it just me or is it that marshal’s system does not work anymore

I'll say with confidence Hamilton has the worst secondary in the league.

Did you just start watching today? Our Secondary is swiss cheese. Betty White and her Golden Girls could have career games against them.

Come on, now you're being too nice! :roll:

I think that the personnel on our defense has soured in general. We were beaten today , after giving up another
substantial lead, by the worst team in the country. If they win again next week, we can kiss the season goodbye.

Hey Ockham The secondary wasn't as bad as it is today or last week my observation seems that when Bo Get beat returned to our lineup they moved a few people around thus changing the continuity of the unit

Ray was 28/36 for 384 yards and two TD passes. 181 of those passing yards were on passes to Stamps. One play that stands out to me is seeing Tisdale being caught flat footed in trying to cover him. Another is one where Smith tried to cover him, appeared to have him covered, but Stamps made the catch for a big gain.

It may not have helped that we're missing players like Bradley, Shivers, and Dennis was not in the whole game. But Campbell was missing for the Esks.

And yes, I actually missed Shivers, even though I criticized him before a few times this season.

What secondary? I never see them on camera: I see a wide open opponent having a coffee while waiting for the ball.

We traded our best DB. Then we signed two blue team casts offs, one Lions backup, and welcomed back a guy many people think was the worst of a bad bunch last year. That's our Secondary. Jason Maas could have picked us apart today.

Our pass defense has been just terrible the last 4 weeks, giving up 300+ yards on a regular basis. Secondary was a concern in the off season, and it was not improved.

It was quite obvious to me that the defense and secondary looked great when we were playing Toronto and Winnipeg, and that would change when they started playing teams with decent QBs and O-Lines. With Shivers and Bradley injured, this group just isn't good enough. They just play way off all the receivers and seldom make any plays.

The coverage may get a little better when the injured DBs return, but it is obvious to opposing teams that this team is easy to beat with passing plays. I can't see this team going deep this year if they don't make some changes in areas where they are obviously inept.


PS - The pass rush was not exactly tearing it up today either, even with the addition of Baggs. I don't know that I like having McIntyre playing inside. He is a defensive end, and they need to think about either rotating that position or making a move. I don't like the idea of losing any of our DE's but we need to improve in other areas.

MARSHALL LAW and his philosophy of defensive game plans and coverages are being blown wide open by every team in the CFL.

8) Well, considering that the Cats went with an all Import D Line, the pass rush was a joke today for sure.
   The defensive backfield looks like a bunch of high school kids out there.

   This whole defence looks pretty pathetic at this point.

   This team is going no where, fast !!!

Excellent observations.

If the DBs play ten yards off the receivers is it any wonder they get first downs?

The Secondary last year was better and yet most here wanted it improved. Epic Offseason Fail.

The DLine is better with Bolden and Kirk in the middle. Putting Ends in the middle is a bad idea. Marshall does that a lot on second and long which is becoming second and soon to be first down.

Unbelievable well not really.We make every other teams recieving corps look like allstars , wide open in every game .Where was the pressure on Ray? Could be a lack of talent on the field combined with a the real lack of coaching talent on the sidelines .Very hard to optomistic on this season now .

Supposedly we give up the underneath stuff as a price for not giving up the big play. This is the second weak in a row a team has racked up lots of deep passes against the Cats, to say nothing of some of the wide-open players who we were lucky enough to see missed by their QBs in previous weeks. It's depressing. Our pass defence looks just plain bad. And no pressure on the QB this week. Frankly I'm glad the team failed to pull off the miracle comeback this week, because it should prevent anybody from glossing over the problems.

Well said!

The sad part is they will be the same team next week with same plan as they will they think hey we lost by 2 on the road that ain't too bad

THIS edmonton team is bad and they have countless injuries ...they went with a canadian running back and really only one of their regualr receivers in Stamps ( you know tisdale's dance partner )

I was tempted to edit out my spelling mistake after I read your reply, but I guess maybe it should stay. :smiley:

I don't know why, but Marshall's defenses always seem to wane in the second or third year of his tenure with a given team. Maybe other teams figure out his schemes. Maybe he rides the players too hard and they start tuning him out. Either way, it's been something of a pattern with him wherever he's been.

Our pass defence is...and has been AWFUL.

This was an area that needed an upgrade and it IS worse than last year.