Defensive Coordinator

Rich Stubler is out of work, and so now is Greg Marshall.

Anyone think Mr. Popp should say thanks and here's your ticket out of town to Tim Burke and perhaps take a look at Stubler or Marshall?

If he does he'd better move quick I think..........Hamilton needs a new DC, so do the Argos, so does Winnipeg, and so might Saskatchewan unless they promote Etcheverry from within (which is what I personally expect them to do, I think that's why they hired him in the first place, to take over if Hall moved on).

So, eliminating the Green Riders, that's 3 teams and 2 qualified DCs..............if Popp wants either of them he'd better move quick.

Something tells me he won't, and we'll have Burke again next year. If it were up to me, I'd hire Marshall.

I'd get Stubler, although that would probably mean saying goodbye to Khalil Carter. :lol:

But I don't think Burke is going anywhere, unfortunately. My hope is that he realizes that we need to get more aggressive on defense and not sit back in zones letting opponents drive down the field.