Defensive coordinator

I am really starting to question Burke's ability to put the best players on the field and his scheming ability.

He waited until week 4 to play Hunt, who promptly made Burke look like a fool by recording a monster game with two picks and many tackles.
He insists on using a 4-3 defense despite the fact that we are thin on quality linemen and overloaded with quality linebackers.
Proulx is starting with Masson on the practice roster despite Proulx's long history of injury.
Whatever scheme he's using, our players aren't buying into it. Our zone coverage is terrible, with huge holes in the middle of the field.
Our front-7 is too small to stop the run effectively.
Our secondary has yet to record an interception.

I know it's fairly early in the season, but I don't like the way our D looks this season. It's why I still think we should have hired Chris Jones as head coach with Trestman as the O.C. That way, our head coach would have been a CFL veteran who could have been heavily involved in overseeing the decisions of the D.C. Right now, my impression is that Trestman, being an offensive guy, isn't very involved in the defense, which needs some quality control looking over Burke's shoulder.

I hope Burke proves me wrong, but I am not impressed thus far.

I was wondering a similar thing myself. Trestman really understands offences and it shows in that we have the most points for thus far despite a losing record. All our games seem to be very high scoring affairs on both ends however. Even when we won we were talking about our dominant performance on offence without getting much coverage of why with such a dominant offence on the field we allow so many points.

Something really needs to change at the DC position I think we are right now staring down a very exciting but probably frustrating season. Im willing to give a bit of a learning curve to new coaches but we need to be a lot better on defence

It seemed like the Montreal defence was playing some of their best ball in the first half and it fell apart in the second half.

I agree.
There is a problem with the D when in 2 straight games the O puts up 30+ points and lose both times

Yeah no doubt. 34 points should be enough to win a football game.

I had a feeling, when I kept hearing Trestman is a offensive minded genius, and was bringing in all his team, I was wondering whether they'd be as Defensive minded... It appears not.

If this keeps up, Burke and Casey Creehan will be fired by the middle of the season, and rightly so. We've lost three straight despite our offense having scored 30+ points in the last two seasons. That's inexcusable.