Defensive Coordinator Openings

Kind of odd that so many DC positions are open or falling to the HC to handle.


In Toronto the DC is also the HC, same in Sask and probably will end up that way in Hamilton. I’m not hopeful that Chamblin can handle both jobs in Toronto. He sure couldn’t when he tried that in Sask. He was an emotional unstable wreck by the end of it. But Toronto is hamstrung with Coaching cap monies due to dead dollars allocated to Trestman I suspect.

Can’t help but think Mike Benevides will end up somewhere. He was a VG DC in BC. Won 33 games as HC in 3 years in BC and was hindered by a micromanager GM in Buono. Unfortunately he lost all 3 playoff games there and the team was trending down with QB injuries mounting.

And in Edmonton many blamed him for a lack luster defense. But if you look at how that Esk team was built most of the talent and roster money went into the offense. I’m kind of hopeful he takes a chance in Montreal and then succeeds their aging HC when he decides to retire. He would provide some much needed stability and continuity there which is badly needed. He’s a good coach and a good man imo.

Now I expect 6 consecutive posts by Lyle and Brother Joe to jump in here to turn this into a slam Winnipeg’s DC Ritchie Hall.

All over it everyman

Wrong again about my position on Richie Hall but thank you once again for the opportunity.

Richie Hall works with what he is allowed to work with within the master plan of Mike O Shea. Soft zone / bend but don’t break, call it what you want. Another variation of the Stubler defence that other teams use as well.

People make it sound like Hall is doing his own thing when it is not the case. He would have been gone after one year if it was.

Its just really convenient to have Richie around to take the flak when it falls apart and looks bad. Can never have too many scapegoats handy.

I’d like to see that too, but I doubt it will happen.

Washington to join Cats

Washington = an out-of-work coordinator with a checkered resume. Ideal type for the Ticats to pounce on in terms of fitting a lower salary under the new mgmt./coaching cap.

Washington lucky to get the job - he’ll be closely monitored by a superior defensive mind in Steinhauer who prolly designs the defense and lets Washington hold the papers!