Defensive Coordinator Chip Garber Fired.

Wish they would have parted ways prior to last nights game. The defense put no pressure on Calvillo.

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Not surprising. I was never a fan of Garber's and felt that Toronto's defense was overrated, even last year.

Not that I was a fan of Garber, but I don’t see this changing anything…

me either .

No, but it's the sort of thing GMs feel obliged to do when the team is tanking. This is more for the long term. Next year, I expect Steinhauer to put his stamp on the D, but this season, there's not much he can do. The system is already installed. He can add a few new calls every week, and be more aggressive in his playcalling, but he can't rework Toronto's defense in the middle of the season. That said, the main issue with Garber seems to have been his playcalling and strategy (e.g. his awful rush-three philosophy against the Als), not the personnel, base sets, and actual plays, so maybe with a new DC calling a better game, the defense will improve.

I wouldn't be surprise if they fired him on the way to the locker room after the game. The play calling was horrid. I'm not saying the Argos lost solely on paying calling last night, but not putting any pressure on Calvillo keep the AL's O on the field. Sitting from the stands it seemed like the Calvillo had enough time to look at all his options, eat a sandwich and then release the ball.

The head coach has his name on the exit door too, if they lose a couple more games.

I don't think the Argos should fire Barker just yet. Toronto's been going through coaches like the Oakland Raiders. However, I do think Barker needs to start acting like a GM.

Either that or get a head coach, so he can just be a gm. He looks frazzled sometimes, could be just wearing too many hats right now.

They did try to mix it up with some blitzes and 'show three' looks followed by blitzes. Problem was, the O-line picked up the blitzes and Calvillo made his hot reads more often than not. Two plays stood out to me: the opening 40-yard bomb to Bratton keyed off play action, and the S.J. Green TD that came off a hitch pass hot read in response to a Toronto blitz. The Argos were burned badly on both plays, and IMO were never really in a good mental position to be aggressive and send more pressure after that.

What I saw was that even when Toronto got pressure on Calvillo he is so good at the quick passes and maintains accuracy with guys in his face it didn't matter. In fact, it opened things up for short passes that turned into first downs because the TO rush left the short-routes open. And, the Montreal receivers made some great catches. Whittaker also did some really good blitz pickups.

Conversely, even though Lemon had a good 1st half, in the 2nd half it was apparent with a rush in his face he couldn't make reads or through accurate passes.

Second half adjustments have to improve for the Argo's. On that note; after next weeks game in Hamilton it gets really interesting for Toronto as the next two games are at home against Sask. and B.C.

Things are looking up for TO after next week then. :wink: