Defensive Coach?

Has anyone seen the terrible defensive coaching...calling for the old 60's zone coverage way too often...and what happened to pressure? Quarterback sacks I believe we are last....we are very quick to blame player's like receivers & quarterbacks but they are told what to do...lets start pointing fingers where they may belong!

better bring a lot of fingers

Defence is built around your player abilities and schemes. Coach O was a great player but you have to have the talent to match your schemes. Not sure if the Cats match up with other teams talent and schemes.

I felt Steinaur stayed with the zone even though it was obvious that it wasn't working.
Once he went to the blitz and man to man coverage it was obvious Calgary couldn't handle it
We began to dominate them .
Even still late in the game on 2nd and 21 he went back to the zone defence and Calgary easily got a crucial first down that allowed them to eat up a lot of clock. Now I'm sure Steinaur would point to execution as the culprit. In a way he would be right but I say if something is working you stick to it until it doesn't work any more. IMHO it was a bad decision.
The main problem, and the coaches have to address this , is that we can't get sustained pressure on the quarterback rushing only four because our defensive ends are ineffective. This results in the QB having way too much time to throw the ball when we are in zone defence. A good quarterback will always pick you apart in this situation. Even if they fail to score they will usually enjoy a long drive that eats the clock and tires out your defence. We need DE's that are more physical.
Bigger stronger and faster. I believe this is Tillman's job. He needs to deliver.

Look at the stats - the Ticat defense outplayed Calgary's D this weekend. They gave up one big drive to start the game, then spent way too much of the game back on their heels because the offence lost the field position battle big time.

The Ticats gave up 271 yards passing and one passing touchdown, while hauling in one interception and 4 sacks. That is four sacks against one of the best offensive lines in the CFL.

Statistically, they outplayed the Calgary defense (350 yards given up passing, 2 passing TD's, 2 interceptions including one on a fourth-quarter desperation toss). Rushing stats were pretty much even.

There is a lot of blame to go around so far this season, but the play of the defense on Saturday was far from the biggest problem.

Very well put...well said

This, except I believe it's Austin's job. Tillman just gives tips.

I like Coach Austin and his Defensive Coach Steinaur, I think he's doing a great job with this young group of players, remember this team is the youngest in the league and although theres No excuse for that, still very inexperienced group of players but I think more importantly it might be the assistant coaches and mentors to the younger guys, I think Dennis McPhee is better as a Linebakers coach and we should have a good Defensive Line Coach in place and an ex-CFL player, maybe Montford or a guy like Mike Walker ex-Ti-Cat and D-Line coach at Saskatchewan last year?

The other is Offensive Line Coach, not sold yet on Allan Rudolf but maybe in time, still a better choice might be Miles Gorrell or an ex-player coach of his calibre?

Just the tips?

Yeah. Like a guy at the horse track gives tips on how to bet in the up-coming races. "His father was a mudder. His mother was a mudder."

Not as in gratuities or.... other "tips."

Tillman is Director of U.S. Scouting and U.S. Pro Personnel

It is Tillmans job to get import players

Could everyone please stop posting that we are the youngest team in the league. This is NOT a good thing.

We are the youngest team in the CFL because Kent Austin cut so many veteran players...players that lead us to a Grey Cup birth last season.

Defence is not our issue. Our offence is on the field for too short a period of time. This wears our D out.

Had Austin kept Chevy Walker, we'd have a great one-two punch with Gable......had Austin kept Burris, we'd have a true mentor both both LeFevour and Collaros (see Montreal - Ham to Calvillo, etc)......had Austin protected Hage, he would have insured a more stable line (even when he was hurt he was invaluable to the line....had we kept Stala, Johnson, and many more we would have had that veteran leadership in the room.

We would not then be making excuses that we're the youngest team in the league....we'd be taking that next step that teams make after breaking through, after long playoff droughts...adding veterans and building to win the Cup.

Instead we're back to rebuilding....AGAIN....we are the Blue Jays of the CFL....

Thanks to Kent Austin - he wants players to follow him...he doesn't want veterans to lead...

In closing....not the Defence or Steinhauers' fault whatsoever....100 percent Kent Austin!!!!

Very interesting points and I think we all agree with some of for one do point the finger somewhat at Steinhauer for the lack of pressure on the opposing quarterbacks and the zone coverage overuse....and yes they are on the field allot.

I can’t see Austin being satisfied with the defense right now, especially the DE’s
On Aug 26 the NFL will have to reduce their rosters to a maximum of 75 players.
Look for Tillman to be sending some players up for a tryout.


8) Dennis McPhee has over 7 years experience coaching the DL of the TiCats, during his previous stints with the Cats !!!
 Nothing wrong with his credentials at all, as a DL Coach.
 Remember, a coach is only as good as the players he is given to work with, and in this case the DE's we have are simply
 not good enough to get the job done !!!

  Once the final cutdown day has passed in the NFL, you can rest assured that the Cats will have several new DE's in
  camp !!!

Sure you could do all that - but the payroll would be in the range of $6 million...

Saskatchewan is lucky: their star defensive lineman washed out from his NFL tryout, came back and this year is the leading candidate for MOP.

Are you kidding me...6 Million salary cap???

Chevy Walker was only making 55k with the Cats when we didn't protect him. Burris would have signed the same contract he had last year...

And, not sure if you heard, but a strike was avoided when the cap was increased by $600,000 for this season, from last years' cap of $4.4 Million.

Plain and simple, as I've stated more than once, Austin likes all of his players to follow him...doesn't believe in veteran leadership...

He is the exact opposite of a Wally Buono or Marc Tressman...both thrived with veterans and both encouraged their vets to lead. Austin is too self-promoting to coach like that....which is why he still should be coaching at the NCAA level...