Defensive changes

D-Line: Scott, Montford, Fleiszer, Jeanty gone. 3 of the 4 starters on the D-Line weren't here last year.

LB: Gass, Marsh out. 2 of the 3 starters weren't here last year (or at least playing that role).

Secondary: Brady out. Durden in. Garrett to LB, Craver in full-time.

Macioca has made FAR too many changes to arguably the best defence from last year. Let's be realistic here, this is a rebuilding year for the Eskimos, I'm questioning whether or not we'll make the playoffs with all of these idiotic changes.

you pulled this traight off, didn't you?

Durden is the biggest dissapointment for me, so far. He was supposedly a "shut down" DB in Montreal, that QB's avoided. So far this year, QB's are feasting on him, and targeting him like a raw rookie. I was actually hoping he'd be one of the many Esks to get hurt last night, so we could see what his replacement could do. Perhaps he just needs more time to adjust to the system, but how complicated can the system be? Next up, you can bet that BC will throw Dickenson/Simon at him. If he doesn't correct his game by then, the Glenn/Brazzel combo will look like a good day.

ya, from Angelus.

Montford's going to be the difference in tonights game against BC. His age aside, he brings an energy to the rest of the squad.

I remember watching him in Hamilton and wishing we had a guy like that on our team. I was crushed when he was released.

I'm predicting the Esks sack DD at least 3 times tonight.