Defensive Backs

The defensive backs played a terrific game.Pickett had tons of time on almost every play to go through his progression of receivers but he couldn’t find anyone to throw to.Eventually his blocking would break down and our d-line would get to him.Our d-line didn’t have much of an initial rush.As far as I could see the only defensive back that needed to improve was Bradley who missed two easy tackles for losses because he was more interested in trying for a sensational hard hit.

My congrats go to two DB's that really stood out. Jykine Bradley for constantly laying wood on those Argo's and Bo Smith for getting his first CFL interception. Good job guys :smiley:

It still scares me when they leave the wide side receiver wide open and can't close fast enough to limit the game.

Defenders get beat. That's football.

Bradley missed one guy that I saw and that's it, I thought he had a great game.

Bradley is one of the best defenders on this team. Has been for a while.

If someone does catch the ball in front of him, he'll make them think twice about doing that. Also usually puts himself in a good position to pick off the QB.

The wideside receiver is open when the defense plays a zone. It is usually a 45 yard pass to gain 5 or 10 yards. Zones have holes in them and that is one of the holes. As Tony Soprano would say,"What 'ya gonna do"? :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

He also doesn't get beat deep very often for big gains. He does need to work on wrapping up though. I don't know why he thinks he's going to be knocking people over with just his body weight... he really isn't that big.

Bradley missed a tackle on Robertson but that guy is tough so you got to cut him a little slack there