Defensive Backs

I think this will be the best secondary since the Juron Bolden days, with the likes of The Carters (Tim and Eric) Rickey Bell, Wes Lysack, and William Fields this will not be the same push over secondary as last year. Also a much improved pass rush should make them even better. A return to the #1 defense in the league.

I NOTICE BY ALOT OF the chatter on the regular forum that some are picking THE BIG BLUE to be at the bottom of the pack in the West…there’s sure going to be some surprised looks on a few of those mugs including SCHULTZIE’S from TSN… who after doing an’ overview ’ comes up with the conclusion that WPG. hadn’t made many changes or improvements in the offseason and the only battle will be for QB…what the hell was he reading or listening to. I get the feeling on alot of those TSN telecasts of BOMBER games that MR.SHULTZE DOESN’T CARE for the BIG BLUE ALL THAT MUCH…well I’m sure he’s gonna look a little surprised and foolish when the BOMBERS do a little ass kicking…c’mon o5 kickoff… :lol: :lol:

Considering the secondary shaping up the way it is now with Tim Carter, Eric Carter, Ricky Bell, Wes Lysack, and Willy Fields as projected starters, its a far cry from what we had during the season last year. With guys like Covington, Coleman, Howell, Bell and Morgan/Drover. How can you over look that fact.

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couldn’t have said it any better myself. schultz is a twit!

we took a big hit by releasing eric carter. he was a very good corner and if he stayed healthy would have been our best this year. maybe his conditioning isn’t where it needed to be, i don’t get this one.

sorry to see Eric go but I think his age was a determining factor…I’m sure Bomber management had a tough time deciding on this one but I think he got caught up in a youth-drive for his position. Hope Eric all the best of luck…and who knows maybe he’ll catch on with another team…with all the bad things happening in his life there’s bound to be some good happenings for him around the corner. Good-bye to a class guy.

Hey, here is one fan from another ciity that does not put the Bombers at the bottom. I think these fans that are a bit over confident of last years teams such as Edmonont and the Riders have a shock in store. Your team has added depth and improved on both sides of the ball. The Riders (Roy Shivers) believes the 9 and 9 team will be better so they have not done anything to improve that I know of. The three QB’s i would not wnat on my team.
Edmonton has to watch out for injuries to their QB’s and you Bommber fans know about Kahri. The other factor here is coaching do you guys remember the R D Lancaster fine school of no offense well he is doing it to those Eskies. Even the sports writers here are saying the Bommbers may very well be the suprise team.

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