Defensive backs needed

I believe Jykine Bradley, Tony Tiller an Lawrence gorden are the one that need to be kept.
Bradley didn't play all year but the last two games he played very well. I don't know why he didn't play all year but he didn't. Tiller came in in the middle of the season and cracked the line up right away. He was the only db to come in and stay playing Boundary Halfback which is the hardest db postion. He played very well and and shut down a lot of good recievers. Gorden is a very athletic young corner. He struggled at times but made improvements. They were all young and were surronded by coaches theat obviously weren't on the same page. Keep these three together and they will be excellent in the near future. We do nee a strong side halfback to come and push for the staring spot. Not sure who to get but bringing in another roolie doesn't help.

i agree with just about everything u said. I think Gordon needs a little more work. Don't forget about Dwight Anderson. his attitude aint all that great but he can play well. i think if we can add a good saftey and another good DB our secondary will be fine. (thats if we keep anderson and tiller and bradley and maybe gordon).

also, i agree with you on Jykine Bradley. He plays the final 2 games of the season and has an INT in each of those game. i know he was injured for the first half of the season but could the coaching staff not see this talent? and our secondary was struggling hugely so its not like we didnt need to insert him into the starting lineup

why not sign- Onyenegecha, Chijioke DB I 6.01 210 1983-03-15 Oklahoma - Ti cats need some size and speed , to strengthen the Defencive Backfield.

Bless you!

i agree, and for all the same reasons.

however, there is another defensive half i'd like to see back here, tad kornegay.
he's slightly further along the learning curve than lawrence gordon, and is much the same kind of player: quick and always around the ball.
he's got really good cover skills, and the mistakes he made in his earlier time here were of the kind where he was being outpositioned by the receiver with the ball coming down. at least he was in position to make the play, which is more than we can say for the people who replaced him.
watching him last year, i saw that he has improved his game. he's worth bringing back, i think.

If we can come up with a good safety it will have a big affect on us having a good back field. A lot of fans know the safety anchors the backfield.

re--If we can come up with a good safety it will have a big affect on us having a good back field. A lot of fans know the safety anchors the backfield.

--- True - Hopefully Beverage is ready and gets good reps in camp--

I think we should Try and Draft Dylan Barker DB 6’4 200 Saskatchewan Moose Jaw, SK

Good HT and He is Natural pos is Safety
He play Very Well in the shine Bowl.
I heard nothing but good Reports on Him

how about Derrick Huff from eastern Kentucky, he had 9 picks last year, 1 returned for TD.

Why sign Onyenegecha he is big but he did nothing last year. I believe signing Tad Kornegay might not bea bad idea. He has a little bit more experience now. This to me should be the secondary.

Field corner- Lawrence Gordon
Field hlfback- Tad Kornegay
Safety- ?
Short side halfback-Tony Tiller
Short side corner-Jykine Bradley

I believe this could be one of the best in the league.

I don’t think Sandy Beveridge can lead this secondary. We need a free safety. Anybody know of a good one?

Looks like they’ve just signed 3 DBs.

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I haven't given up on Karikari. I think he deserves another shot to compete at training camp.

Think we need some experience at this position.

What about he still around?

maybe one of the new guys can play safety. what ever the case i hope Charlie finds a line up and sticks with it. Last year there was to much change.

The only guy you did not mention is the only above average guy IMO