Defensive back Davin Bush, Cut By Bombers

Defensive back Davin Bush was Cut By The Bombers
He had Down year with the Bombers last season
But was great with the Roughies the year be before
Maybe be worth a Look
Below info and Stats.

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Very odd with Dbacks how they can be a star one year and lose it all with the change of teams our position. Iam sure it happens with other positions but Dbacks seem to be the most vulnerable.

He is a bit small though. I don't see his 5'8" height as a bad thing but his 165lbs weight is. Anything under 180lbs can really affect your durability.

He does have decent stats though so maybe he is worth a look..

bring him in to camp. if we bring him in, that's more competition, and competition spells improvement. Our defensive backfield isn't looking to bad next season.

You dont just....'bring someone in'. Seeing hes a CFL vet you will have to pay him some bonus money up front that you wouldnt have to do for a prospect.

Davin Bush was part of the offer that Peg purposed to Desjardin for Maas (if I recall correctly) before eventually shipping Maas to Montreal. Would be funny tho if we ended up getting Bush after all.