Defensive All-stars

For what it is worth......

Wow, 7 Lions on the Western All-star Team. That slogan "Defense wins Championships", could this be a good omen?

Tyrone Williams B.C.
Aaron Hunt B.C.
Brent Johnson* B.C.
Otis Floyd B.C.
Dante Marsh B.C.
Korey Banks B.C.
Barron Miles B.C.

(8 if you count Kidds spot on special teams!)

Great to see Tyrone Williams finally getting his due after being blindly overlooked the last couple of years.

Javy Glatt easily could have made it too.

Good recognition of BC defensive players. However some offensive players are overlooked but that is understandable. Picks are based on quantity of production. Although BC has the best pass offense, work sharing between Dickenson and Pierce split individual achievements.

Yeah, gives you Esks fans some indication of what is wrong at Commonwealth. Cut the mouth, get some talent, and maybe you can turn things around the way Winnipeg did this year.