I watched yesterday's game on TSN. Everytime Montreal had the ball, some very annoying person was screaming "Defense" near an audio feed. This wasn't just every now and then, it was constant. It was tolerable when the score was close, but very aggravating when we got behind. I don't know how anyone could tolerate sitting near this person. I don't why know TSN didn't turn off that microphone.

It probably wasn't me, but I do that as well, I would say about 20,000 other fans do the same thing all the time. I usually yell DEEEEEEEEE. The Mic may be able to pinpoint that one person, but I would bet that in the stands it is very tolerable

Yep. It's part of what the fans do. You don't even notice it in the crowd. In fact if your not doing that people around you are probably wondering why you have tickets to the game.

If you are not screaming DEEEEEEEEE as loud as you can you aren't helping the team.

If you aren;t helping the team...............you aren;t the 13th man.

If aren't the 13th man...............stay home and allow a LOUD fan to buy your ticket.

Watch NFL games?

The person shouting "Defense" was Corey Chambers :wink: If the person sat beside me in a Stadium cheering on his team I would join them and then you would have something to complain about :smiley: ...by the way when the Team goes behind that's when they need extra support ...even the Defense !

Worth a note: since the yaer 2000 up til now at least,[only done twice?] the Rider D is under 400 points against 8)

Backer you lost another bet??? When r u going to give up on those Eskimos? They keep letting u down 8)