Any thoughts on how the defense did on Saturday night? I didn't catch the game! Who played good/bad??

the defence played ok and they would have allowed way less then wat they did if they werent on the field for so long

moreno and mckay and glasper played well

wayne shaw was horrible
dwight anderson had some more penalties

Actually I don't think he had "some more" penalties. He may have had one,but he also made some tackles, recovered a fumble and broke up a definate touchdown.

I don't think defense is really the problem here (with a few exceptions). They have kept us in the game for the first have in both games. Then it all falls apart in the second half.

Penalties also killed us. The No Yards (real or imagined) really hurt us.

I thought that Jojuan Armour played well too. I think that he is breaking out as a leader.

I thought that Dwight Anderson played well/alright ?

I agree on both counts.

The reason why the defence falls apart in the second half is because they are on the field for so long so they cant hold em forever so eventually fatigue falls in and the opposing offence begins to figure things out

because are offence just goes 2 and out and punts