Defense without Scott Schultz

Sad news today that Scott Schultz is retiring mid-season we are going to miss his heart and all-out play. What effect will this have on our defense? Do we really have players that can step in and fill Scott's shoes?

Too bad, i really loved watching this guy play for the green and white for as long as he did. Youll be missed big fella


Shologan has already nearly replaced him. So first string, we will be fine. The bigger problem is in the rotation, where another Canadian has to step in - does Stadnyk play d-line? Can Mullinder play inside? Can Chunky pass for a farmboy from Esterhazy?

Personally... I think we will be just fine without Schultz. I love the guy and he brings a lot of leadership and experience, but in terms of performance, he hasn't done a whole lot since Davis left. He has only had a handful of sacks each year and some tackles. It will suck replacing him because he is Canadian... but in terms of our defence, I think we will be fine.

Even though Scott is a great guy and from Sask, he was largely ineffective last year and this so his loss won't have a big impact onthe team. Not slagging him but it is his time to hang em up.

im sorry but his loss will have a huge impact on the team maybe not because of his performance but because of his experience, leadership, and mentoring skills. Agreed his performance may not have been all-star but the guy is an all-star

Our D will need some to adjust without Schultz, but we'll be fine. Shologan, Stadnyk and Mullinder will mature and take over. Expect the Riders to sign a non-import DL to replace Schultz.