Well last week it was Joesph this week the entire defense takes credit and it could not have come at a better time...
Ive been critical of Hall recently but today he called an excellent game...the DB's especially stood out and being well aided by the front seven..reminded me a lot of the way they played earlier this season.

On to the Banjo Cup and no I am not taking the Bombers lightly even without Kevin Glenn

I agree- the defense was on fire! And I also agree that we can't take the Bombers lightly. They've got lots of great players and are going to want to win badly... but I still think we are bringing home the cup!

That's exactly what I was thinking - I've seen this act before. It really was timely - man, were they hungry. I also think that the O-line picked it up in the 2nd half. Kerry wasn't running around like a scared chicken nearly as often and that allowed them to control the ball game, even if they didn't light up the scoreboard.

I was very impressed with all the pressure they got all game long, against one of the top O-lines.

N.B. I was particularly impressed with the secondary - it's sure that the added pressure up front (and 7 sacks is nothing to pass off!) makes the secondary's job eaiser, but time and again, the secondary came up with a very clean knockdown - no question about pass interferrence - when they really needed to.

Very, very, pleased.

The thing is with this Dunwoodie guy, how do you gameplan for someone who you can rarely see play? I mean he looked kind of shaky when he came in but with a weeks practice, who knows eh?

My gameplan would consist of sending Perry after Dinwiddie.

Failing that, my backup plan would be sending Chick after Dinwiddie.

I think the Riders coaches have to put themselves in the minds of the Bombers coaches. What would they (the Riders coaches) do if they had to start our third-stringer (I'm not even sure who that is now - Durant??)? Probably keep it simple, running game, short passes, screens. Then plan a defence primarily, but not exclusively, around that likelihood.

I think the biggest thing is just getting the team prepared to play them.

Austin and co. have done an absolutely fantastic job preparing the team against the Stamps and Lions, so I have faith they won't let the team get bigheads.

I only woohooed once...and I asked permission first...:wink:

I know I don't know much about the guy. I mean can he scramble, does he have a good arm, what is the deal? We can't take this game lightly just because it is a backup quarterback.

I too was very impressed with the Rider defense. In the past, I have criticized the 'D' as at times, they were very suspect. A very good defense stopped a very good team today.

BTW, what's up with Joseph? Smelling salts, limping off the field at times.

Just a warrior at battle ... and he'll do it again next weekend.

He got his bell rung for sure...biggest difference in Joesph Ive seen especially late in the season is he is SO focused...he didn't have a stellar game but he did not turn the ball over either today... can you say MVP? Me thinks so.

Chick was killer. The man is hell of pass rusher. Good job Richie Hall.

I think that was one of the best defensive performances by a Rider team that I can remember. If they perform like that in the GC I don't care who the opposition QB is we will win.

For sure he is focused but he's always been a competitor. He'll do whatever he can to win no doubt about it - he's just making better decisions this year about what exactly that is. He does seem to go through lapses though like in the 2nd quarter yesterday. In general the solution is pretty simple - call his own number on a running play and he gets back in it. I was banging my head against the wall yesterday when he went through that stretch of 7 or more straight incompletions. They kept calling pass plays when what they needed to do was break it up with a running play, QB draw, or short, high-percentage passes to get something going. That being said KJ has done extremely well recently at not turning the ball over and that is worth a lot.

Preseeure, pressure and more pressure. Confident we will limit the effectiveness of Roberts. Schultz will make a burrito out of him.

Just a thought, but perhaps a look at some video of his collage days. From what I've read he has a pretty good record.
Other than that...?

I have faith in the team as a whole anyway. If they play like they did in BC everything will work out fine.

They did not know who was gonna quarterback the Lions either. As it turned out it didn't matter.
It was a fantastic effort from the whole team that won us the game.