Defense Wins Games...

Quaterbacking is an undeniable issue and usually the most talked about but if you want a serious discussion on how to turn the team around you have to address the defense.
For years the defense has been quite easy to score against. Both running and passing.They dont particularly scare any offense in the the league and very rarely take -away any scheme or player during the course of a game.The way teams beat us in the first half is the way they still beat us in the second.
Just as an example BC gained almost five yards every time they ran even before the RB made first contact then gained two more. All Pierce and Jackson had to do was throw an easy underneath route to get the first down. Had it not been raining they could have done this all game and won. The big plays the secondary gave up were just gravy.
To be fair, the D has had some success with blitzing and Cody is a bonified all-star but obviously they're just not enough to win consistently.
Goodbye Kavis Reed, never really developed any cohesive, effective schemes, never really put his stamp on the D.Doesnt out coach or out wit anyone in the league.
Goodbye Auggie, big guy, no impact, A Marshall hangover the team is desperate for a big time MLB.
Goodbye Shaw, speed and not much else.
Goodbye Cox, never got back to form after his injury last year, his play has levelled off.
If it s obvious to us , it must be doubly obvious to Desjardins.
You want to talk seriously about winning? get serious about the Defense.

I hate to say it, but I think you're right. Auggie is terrible, but I think it's also the scheme. I noticed that when Mariuz was playing MLB he was doing a pretty solid job of it, even for a littler guy. I think Mariuz should get a more solid look at linebacker... maybe it would improve our consistancy to have a set of linebackers which played the whole game.