Defense wins championshipss

Look at the Tampa Bay Bucs they won because of there Dfennse like us our offense has no one specail other then charlie and stegall. we have glenn at qb they had brad johnson so the way i look at it is if our dfense can pull together and b thebest d of all time we will win the grey cup:D

Not in this league big guy...

Wow r u stupid how wouldnt Defense win you championships. Look at what happend before glenn was hurt he didnt lose us or win us the game the defense is what dominated the games. I think if glenn can just not screw up even if he doesnt help us barrin and the D will win us the cup

I'm also a big supporter of the defense. We won championships before with a sub par offence, while riding the back of the defence. We can do it again, the defence just has to get that swagger back, and then get hot at the right time.

If the defence plays like they are capable of, and Glenn doesn't poop the bed, we could beat anyteam (in the CFL of course!)

D does win Champs, in any league, like the Ravens in 2001.