Wow what a great game....James Johnson... John Chick had unbelievable performances....KJ stumbled the defense picked it up.

RIDERS GREY CUP CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now, watch for Richie Hall to get a head coach job somewhere soon....he deserves it.

Good on Ritchie he proved he is worthy of a head coach job..I hope he stays

John Lynch pointed out an interesting fact...The Riders D shutdown the top 3 CFL running backs in the last 3 games otw to the Grey Cup. Reynolds, Smith & Roberts

The defense was spectacular all through the playoffs. The Riders had me worried big time but the D kept coming through when we needed them. Winnipeg pushed us to the limit, we didn’t break but persevered and the CUP is ours. What a season it has been.

With the top-ranked pass defense in the league this year (by a pretty good margin) I wasn't too concerned that the 'Riders could defend against the run. With the second worst pass defense (in terms of yards per game) in the league this year that's where I was concerned and they really stepped it up during the playoffs.

Kudos to Richie Hall and the whole defensive unit.

hey Dentor..

don't get our Richie mixed up with David Ritchie...