Defense starting to blame offense

After the Cats got killed by the Roughriders, Hitchcock was interviewed after the game. His quote was that the defense can only do so much, and that it's impossible to win when you don't score.

Tonight on CH News, Peterson said the same thing, that the defense is doing way too much and is on the field for way too long.

Add that to the fact that Maas & Lancaster has questioned the poor play-calling, & that at times, plays that Lancaster hasn't even called are being put into action, and it is becoming quite clear.

Ti-Cat players on both sides of the ball are getting fed up with boring, simple and ineffective play-calling. The offense feels handcuffed while the defense is tired, physically & mentally.

There is no way that a team with this much offensive talent should constantly stall on drives. Execution is one thing, and it does appear that Maas is hurt and not into a rhythm. But a completed 3 yard pass on 2nd & 8 still leaves you 5 yards short.

Maas ripped it up in Edmonton, Vaughn is a CFL hall of famer, Ranek was a monster in Ottawa. So, why are they failing here?

This isn't Lancaster's fault, as he never really wanted to coach again in the first place. It seems that PaoPao is doing whatever he wants, even though he's been publicly called out by the offense, defense and interim head coach.

Sorry, Joe. You seem like a nice guy, and maybe Ottawa will rehire you when the 'Gades come back. But don't expect to be coming back to Hamilton next year.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

the cats d is out there way to much. they were amazing in the argo game but they started to fall apart because they would only have a 3 play break because we couldnt get a first down.

He does seem like a really nice guy, but he's play calling all season long has been Simple & Plain. The offence has become soo predictable under he's control. I dont think any of the Coaching staff will be around next season. I think Ron Lancaster will move on and accept a job In Saskatchewan working in there upper management. I really wanted to see former Saskatchewan Roughriders & Winnipeg Bluebombers Head Coach Jim Daley to step in and take the offence at the begining of the season instead of hiring Joe Paopao.

How do you know this?
Just because the offense and defense both agree the "O" should do more?
Sorry but I think you're reading way more into this than it appears and your looking for another reason to get PaoPao out.
He may not be the right guy but it is very clear that Maas is not a starting quarterback... YET.

How tricky was Keiths runs for 150 yards?

The D played like complete ****, I don't think anyone should be pointing the finger at anyone, especially a player who should still be out on the field looking for his jock strap instead of blaming the o.

Hitchcock was interviewed after the game. His quote was that the defense can only do so much, and that it's impossible to win when you don't score.

Maybe he would be better served with some self reflection before commenting about others on the team. He lost his jock and broke his ankles trying to tackle last nite. The back up rb even ran him over at the end.

At the END after they were on the field the whole game.

this team is a joke.Its only a matter of time before people start blaming each other.I think the problem is the coaching,I dont think we should blame Lancaster since he didnt want to coach in the first place.
Our O.F. S.T. coaches need to go.

Firstly , I have been a big fan on the defensive efforts for much of the season but last night they were terrible. Hitchcock can say what he wants but it was clear from the first play that they neither had the talent or strength to stop Keith. They should be embarrassed. Oh by the way did I mention we were playing their 2nd and 3rd string QB. Rocky after 5 years finally threw a touchdown pass courtesy of our big DDDDDD.

The Argos have won a lot of games the last 3 years with some very sub par offensive efforts( including one in Regina a couple weeks ago) The difference is their defense has heart and character, ours doesn't.

I could see Hitch making this comment agains Toronto last week... but with the arm tackling right from play 1... he wasn't in any place to call out the offense..

What is being interpreted as finger pointing was actually an attempt at finger tackling. Both equally effective.