Defense: should we be worried?

That's two straight games in which they've been flat-out embarrassed from bell to bell.

Tons of blown assignments. No pressure on the QB. The secondary got torched again.

Frankly, I would cut DeAudra Dix RIGHT NOW. He's been brutal in two games as a starter. Get Samuels in there STAT. Also, instruct one of the linemen to smack Brown and Parker in the head. Hard. Because they are not getting the job done inside.

Lots of confusion between safety and DBs about where to be and when the safety is there to provide help over top. Burke had better rip these guys a new one next practice, because this kind of sloppy, lazy effort is not how we want to end the season, regardless of the fact that we've already locked up first place in the east.

Finally, I notice that we're playing like bitches again, dropping off into soft zones and not jamming receivers at the line. Everyone is getting a free release at full speed and we're getting burned repeatedly deep as a result.

I don't think so. Als are experimenting and working the weaker aspects of their game. Poor Spencer today couldn't cover the middle to save his life, missing tackles. Boulay was no help. I'm just waiting for the injury report...

Adrian is a better QB after starting a game. He can set himself some markers and I didn't think the playbook suited his skillset and that's normal, the team's offense is built around Calvillo. You could see Scott looking in the playbook looking for some stuff a few times during the game. Having said that this is the first game I've seen Trestman agitated. Your pal Watkins dropped some game changers again today :cry:

So next week Als will put their regulars and do a final tuning and will look very different.

Way to go Adrian... Nothing wrong with using your legs kid... :thup:

Let's not start singling out this player and that player. The Alouettes, as a whole, were not beaten by the Bombers. They were humiliated.
No point in questioning the skill set. It's obvious Montreal has a very good one. The question is whether the Als have the pride and the anger to bounce back and take it to Winnipeg next week. If they show up like they have the last two games, it will show a substantial lack of character...and all the talent in the world won't help them if that's the case.

I am not worried in the least....No matter how hard Trestman(or any other coach) preaches the importance of every game....Its still difficult to give 100% when the games are meaningless.

Im almost glad they lost.....Makes it harder for a crossover, and I think you all know how I feel about the crossover

Why not, if individual players had horrendous performances? The Bombers went after Dix all game long with disgusting success. He couldn't press-cover, couldn't come out of his backpeddle fast enough to adjust to wheel and curl routes, routinely blew coverage assignments, and generally just messed the bed. Ditto for the safeties. Ditto for Parker.

Sanchez can't get back fast enough for my liking.

I wouldn't start worrying yet. I think the Alouettes are just in "I don't give a crap mode". I mean take the Habs for example they lose Markov and the team just isn't the same. Emery Ferri and Sanchez are a huge part of this team. We should get our revenge next week in Montreal.

Ditto for the non-existant pass rush. Ditto for the poor pass blocking and the lousy snap by Chiu that cost 18 yards. Ditto for the sloppy special teams on the return touchdown. Ditto for the underachieving running backs. Ditto for the whole team! You win some and you lose some, and when you do either, you do it as a team.
I can only assume that you were actually at the game and your eyes were riveted on Dix's every move. Otherwise, you could not possibly make such a exact examination of his play by watching the game on TV.

Um, then its time to start worrying! They should never be in "I don't give a crap mode"! This team needs to keep the intensity up, the swagger, the edge, the ego, whatever you want to call it. That showing today was beyond disgusting.

And to that guy who said about McPherson "Nothing wrong with using your legs" - I agree...if he was a RUNNING BACK! But he's not, so stand in the pocket, go through your reads and THROW THE F'N BALL!


I would say this falls on poor coverage by the secondary and to an extent the linebackers. It is impossible to get any kind of pass rush going on if theres guys wide open constantly for the QB to drop the ball off to. I also absolutely hate the idea of a DB relying on the safety for support the DBs should have their guy regardless of whether the saftey is coming or not let the safety go to their assignment and you worry about yours. Our sacks have for the most part come on 4 man rushes which means good coverage down field and we have not been getting that at all

The team wil be much better with Sanchez back in the lineup. Dix isnt terrible but he is not nearly as good as sanchez is at man on man coverage. Emery an Ferri need to get back soon as well it is always a bad sign when you near nothing of the tackles made by your linebackers.

Our HBs need to get smacked upside the head this is not hte type of play that got them in the lineup and not hte type of play that will keep them there

Agreed. Besides, the Als played most of the game without 6 of their regulars on defense. I think the outcome next week will be VERY different.

I was thinking the same thing. I would hate playing against Ricky Ray in the East Final.

The pass rush was generally solid. Not much Anwar & co. can do when Bishop is able to hit wide-open receivers 30 yards down field 1.5 seconds after the snap. The line forced a fumble (which Winnipeg recovered) and was getting good pressure. The problem is that our secondary never made Bishop pay for just flinging the ball down field. Estelle played a good game. Everyone else was tepid to horrible.

Poor pass-blocking or maybe, just maybe, a rookie QB who was holding on to the ball a bit too long? Probably a bit of both. And LOL, underachieving running backs? Are you kidding me? Cobourne only got the rock SIX FRICKIN TIMES and managed a 4.8 average. Hell, McPherson ran the ball almost twice as frequently.

The Chiu snap and special-teams gaffes are correctible aberrations. Brian Chiu is an all-star center. He's not going to make those kinds of mistakes very often. The problem I have with the secondary is for the second straight week, they took a collective crap on the field (with the exception of Estelle). Like I said, our pass rush was actually getting to Bishop, but our DBs were not making plays, not even close. Boulay was just awful out there, couldn't read the play developing and was out of position all game long. Brown and Parker have nosedived the past two weeks.

If you're fine with our secondary being shredded for a second consecutive week, that's your right.

I can only assume that you were actually at the game and your eyes were riveted on Dix's every move. Otherwise, you could not possibly make such a exact examination of his play by watching the game on TV.
It ain't hard to assess a DB's performance when he's getting beaten on every play and there is a slow-motion TSN replay of the latest catch du jour showing exactly where he is and what he is or isn't doing. :lol:

Burris beat the Alouettes in last Grey cup by using his legs. An athletic QB that has that advantage should use it as it confuses the other team's defence.

Please tell me that was a joke. You were joking right? Have you seen Ricky Ray the last few weeks? And the rest of the Eskimos for that matter?!

I would be more at ease against an Eskimo team limping into the playoffs than either the TiCats or the Bombers who are surging into them.


It is normal to feel some anxiety with a team that gives up 70 points in two games. I agree that Dix does not belong- he is second string material playing for the first two times. Also give some credit to the BB's. Bishop had a superlative day - he was grinning every time I saw him on the sideline. Parker and Brown were off but they have been great all season. Our missing linebackers are a great part of the reason that our pass defense collapsed! Dix's play reminded me of the year Matthews tried out two new corners in a grey cup game- we got zapped! BB's played well over their normal play, Bishop had one of his best days in the CFL. We were not up to par and the BB's played their best game of the year!

disciplineandpunshice writes:
"It ain't hard to assess a DB's performance when he's getting beaten on every play and there is a slow-motion TSN replay of the latest catch du jour showing exactly where he is and what he is or isn't doing."
I realize that you are a key contributor to this forum but, over the years, I have found you to be an egotsictical, self-serving jerk who uses the forum to vent his shallow, vitrolic commentary...i.e. "I hate Tim Burke, I really do" and "I hate Scott Squires so much." Both these can be attributed to the almighty disciplineandpunsh. Well, guess what, I hate you.
Adios, members, I can't take this guy, anymore. GO, ALS GO.

I dont want to see the esks because I dont like the crossover.....As for Hamilton surging.....They have 1 win in a row

Not at all...Ricky Ray is one of those QBs who is very tough to disrupt and get in his head. When the Als' 'D' is at their best, they will get to Glenn or Bishop. Ray is a whole different can of worms though. However, he does seem to keep his best performances when he plays at Commonwealth and struggles on the road....I'll give you that. :wink:

Maybe you should take a deep breath, calm down, and remember that we're only talking about football. You were the one who brought the sarcasm out of nowhere by ridiculing my criticism of Dix. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Either that, or treat other members the same way you'd want to be treated -- with respect, even when their opinions differ from yours. You mean to tell me we can't disagree on our team's performance in a game without flaming each other? Really, guy, wth? You're taking all of this way too personally. If I'm really such an "egotistical, self-serving jerk," why let me get to you like that? :lol: :wink:

I have absolutely nothing against you, but I'm not going to apologize for having strong opinions and posting them here. Statements like "I hate Scott Squires" are only semi-serious exaggerations of my dislike for his performance as special-teams coach, statements I sometimes make in the heat of the moment following a loss or a poor performance. I'm a passionate Als fan, not a scientist conducting tests on the team. PASSION IS NORMAL. Also, in case you haven't noticed, I have given Tim Burke full credit this season for manning up and improving this defense from a year ago. But way to cherry-pick posts I made months ago to support your point. Talk about 'self-serving'...

If you don't want to post here anymore, it's your decision. I don't really care one way or another. But I'm not going to let you malign me on the forum without defending myself.

Well said.

simple answer. Yes
And the offensive line-- they almost got Calvillo killed last week and McPherson this past one. And no holes have been opened for the running game. Doesn't look very promising to me.