Defense Rankings

Some interesting factoids about Lemon:

If Jean Lefebvre knows who Lemon’s future teammates are he should definitely join any pick’em pool he can and should probably become a professional gambler.

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After the game Beverette had -- 3 defensive tackles, 1 ST tackle, 2 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles, including the absolute hammer he laid on Shiltz to seal the deal in the fourth quarter -- I'd be outraged if he weren't player of the game. :smiley:


Great observation in September as the strong play from the Argo's secondary was a huge factor in them winning the GC this year.

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Marshall Ferguson is putting out some interesting analysis charts on twitter:

Hutter and Makonzo in their rookie season and Konar had a decent season.

Surprising how high up the chart Ceresna was on only 12 games this season. That's a guy I want to see resigned please please please.

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Looks as though the Redblacks need real help in the secondary. I think the levels in this chart represent, from top to bottom: 40+ yards, 30-39 yards, 20-29, 10-19, 0-9, and behind the LOS.

Is Shawn Burke calling Purifoy's agent with an offer this morning?

Can Barron Miles convince Wes Sutton to jump ship from the Als?

And here's Montreal's by contrast. Far better.

I expect Ottawa to re-sign Money Hunter before adding Louchiez Purifoy but maybe not.

Could also be end of the line for Antoine Pruneau so there might be room for LP. Could be good in Calgary as well.

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Here are Pro Stats top 5 single-game performances by DTs from last season.

...and the guy in 2nd and fifth missed a bunch of games. Good thing the Elks got him signed.

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Hopefully for the Elks, their defense will be improved enough that Ceresna's stats aren't quite as gaudy this season.

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