Defense played very well

Way to go defense, I don't think we could have expected much more than that effort. The first team to hold Montreal to under 40 points. Ever since the 2nd quarter of the Argo game, this defense has been one of the tops in the league. It is definitely the strength of this team moving forward, and is a fun defense to watch. I know we would have liked a win but I don't think the defense could have played any better.

Two thumbs up!

:thup: :thup:

Absolutely, mission accomplished Obie, this defense is POWERFUL. Hopefully the offense can find it's rythem so we can start getting some W's.

Definately a GOOD job by the defence.

Sure they could have played better. They gave up 404 yards passing, but I get your point regarding them allowing only 21 points against the Als.

Defense played well. They are a good group of guys. I am still concerned with our pass rush and giving up a lot of passing yards but I will take that week in week out if we only give up 21 points.

Montreal is a tough team to get sacks against and they just pick you apart with those 10 yard passes.

We need to have a pass game like Montreal. We don't need to go down field. We just need those quick routes.

Yardage means nothing without points, we got pretty good yardage but couldn't make much, if anything of it. The D came up when it needed too, or this easily could've been 55-6. We held the #1 O, with the best receiving corps, best QB, one of the best OL's, one of the best RB's, etc.

as I Rider fan I think you guys have a lot going for you. I hear Keith is practising and he is going to help when he gets back. I hope the fans rally around this effort....even in a loss the cats made some plays...I hope you pack the stadium for you next home game..

I thought the defense played OK, certainly a lot better than last year, but they still have much room for improvement. Keeping Montreal to 21 points is quite an accomplishment.

In the first quarter they showed that they were well prepared for the Als to try and run the ball, as this has been a problem area. After that the Als were able to move the ball without too much difficulty through the air. With AC and their receivers, it will be tough for anyone to stop them. It was hard to tell on TV, but the TSN panel indicated they went to man coverage. This was maybe not a smart thing to do too often. It seemed like most passes were over the middle. We need to improve in this area.

I would have like to have seen a little more pressure upfront, and at least a couple of hits on AC. If he gets hurt even a little bit, Montreal is not the same team. When Adams went down, it impacted the O-Line's effectiveness, eventhough Kirk played OK.

I agree that the defense is much better, but they can still improve in many areas. The defense is good, but I believe that our offense is the stronger unit. They just didn't execute very well tonight. Small things can make a big difference. The officials missed a pass interference on the 5 yard line. Cobb is still young and our other running backs are injured, which limits the running game, and makes it easier for Montreal to prepare. Pavlovic dropped pass in the endzone. Porter looks OK, but still not very sharp. Hopefully he will shake the funk and get into the zone. If he doesn't soon, Glenn will start.


Considering the defense held Winnipeg touchdownless, and Montreal to 2 Touch downs, I don't know how you can argue against this unit. Porter found out last week. Sure, they gave up 400 passing yards, but they did limit they amount of rushing yards the Als got. Cobourne only averaged 3.7 yards per carry. Also consider the injuries to Adams and Floyd.

Getting that pick when MTL was in the red zone was what appeared to be what could have been turning point of the game. Glenn led offence down the field, and had it not been for wildcat fail followed by Pavlovic having it knocked down before he could hold onto it...

I wouldnt say they played great,Montreal left a lot of points on the board tonight and not because of great defence. They had their share of drops and bad throws.

Any word on Adams I hope he isn't hurt to seriously, he seems to led our defense, and our DLine is getting stronger with each game.