Defense needs to step it up

The cats defense looks sluggish tonight. Missed tackles, and giving up big yards on pass interference. Sometimes a pass interference is a good call but tonight to give up obvious penalties when it is almost sure the tackle will be made if the ball is caught is just not very smart football. It seems our safety is no where to be seen as usual. We had a chance to take a big lead into the locker room at half time and instead allowed BC to take the games away from us.

How many points they give up?

In 2nd half? Zero. The first post was obviously at halftime. You got your wish, DR. :slight_smile:

There were some breakdowns, particularly in the first half. Although the sack total may not be eyepopping for the club so far this year, it has to be said that the PRESSURES have been night and day from last year's crew.

The Johnson stuff on the goalline against jackson was the defensive play of the game. No question.

Oski Wee Wee,

Play of the YEAR

Buddy they did a fine job without Adams and Floyd wait till they start firing on all cylinders STEEL TOWN TOUGH D IS BACK IN THE HAMMER :twisted: teams beware!

MacIntyre had a GREAT game last night. This guy has a great motor. He forced Buck to throw early and make some plays that were very questionable. If Big Mac (you heard it first here) gets better as the season goes on, QBs beware.

The Defence always seems to step it up in the second half.

In the last three games, the Defence has allowed a total of THREE points in the second half.

now that's an impressive stat.

8) MacIntyre is a force to be reckoned with for sure !!
 This revamped DL is starting to look like old time TiCat Defence  !!!

There you have it. I was hoping someone would mention that. While I know BC is struggling, they are not a terrible team. They are lacking a few areas where they lost players to the FA market, but they still have some very good players. For our defense to play as well as they did with 2 key starters, make it 3 (Khari Long), out of the lineup makes me very happy. In previous we would have been up the creek after injuries such as these and I think we've been able to plug those holes pretty well. It's a refreshing change.

The defense had a good game overall but man they were poor at the endof the first half and the start of the second. BC's offense dominated and were it not for a fumble at the goaline during this brutal stretch we'd be having a much different conversation this morning. That may be the turning point of our entire season and its on a single play that we have no reason to expect 99% of the time. I'm glad to see the offense did the unexpected and drove the ball down the field but that too was something that is rare in football. Face it BC helped us find our game with some poor play and we buried them.

there will forever be something to complain about on this board :roll: Just be happy our defence has intensity and more importanly passion. These guys are good :thup:

I'm not complaining :roll:

While not a dominant defense, the TiCat D has not broken yet - it can bend plenty, but it has not really been blown off the rails, despite the reshuffling and injuries. The fundamentals of tackling and assignments will take care of themselves - but one major difference from years past has also been a decrease in hurtful penalties against us. This defense is more disciplined and hasn’t been crushed by those costly penalties that can extend drives and lose games.

I totally agree! :thup:

Something somewhat obvious but vastly different from last year in my opinion, halftime adjustments. We are much better scheme wise in second halfs this year. IMO Taffe did a very poor job of adjusting last year. Marcel learned on the fly at the end of the year and has continued to improve in that area.
Very good win last night. Next week we exceed last years win total by beating Edmonton.