Defense NEEDED- BRING in new guys

I think we need a complete overhaul on Defense including our defensive coordinator--

We need to replace many players on defense--

Lets start with the most obvious replacements--

Brent Johnson- He is moonlighting and wants to work for Sportsnet, this guy does not have the heart or the size anymore, he gets manhandled routinely.

Ryan Phillips- He is not improving and is a supply teacher, he just does not have it anymore, he is weak physically, cannot tackle and is really not a great cover guy.

Darren TONEY- This guy just is not a playmaker, he never made any plays at all. This guy needs to be replaced--

Dante Marsh- Likely the worst db in the CFL, he never ever plays the ball and is just makes the tackle.

Baaron Miles- He is too old now and lacks the physican ability--

Armour- He is too old we can get a younger guy-

George- He is too small althoug we might be able to use him somewhere-

Glatt- he is not a PRO

So that's why he lines up in the most crucial DB spot on the field? Because he's the worst?

.... Its gonna be a long off-season, and I'll miss reading your quotes the most Cobra. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi im cobra99 I'm just a troll on the lions FOURM. I spend most of my time on the Edmonton Eskimos site telling everybody that Edm should fire Ritchie HALL, Then i come on here and tell everyone that the future looks bleak for the lions and we should fire Wally. Then i decided to come back on the bangwagon telling you the Lions own Calvillo. And now we need to bring in new players on Defense...OHHH im so confuse!!! Which team do i really cheer for...

Maybe his Mother was a Bomber fan and his Father was a Rider fan and all that genetic mix causes..............