Defense is Terrible

The league has figured O out. Just terrible. The worst team in the league goes through them like butter.
Game after game teams run up a lead. Steinauer was flavour of the day, but really has been made a mockery of…too easy.
We need a new DC, or we’re done.

Just wait till next week!

Don't think it's all on the coaching, I think it's the secondary. They can't make the plays - they aren't jumping the ball or knocking them down, they're letting them catch and then attempting to tackle (most of the tackles are weak). They aren't playing physical enough, like they are too scared they'll get a penalty if they even touch the receiver.

Agree with you on the DBs - they seem to give receivers too much room and then can't always close in quickly enough to stop the YAC. Tackling is often an issue- just don't wrap up to take down the receiver but lunge for them hoping to maybe trip them up? At best they are really inconsistent with tackling.

I’m in agreement with everything both of you say here. But, generally, the defence played well for the first 30 of the final 33 minutes of the game, not allowing a point, It was those glaring issues you’ve detailed, common with this year’s team, that allowed the Riders to kill the final 3 minutes, and win, going into the wind, That and the 2 missed FG’s did the Cats in. Didn’t notice if Fantuz’s holds, for Maher, were sub par, compared to Tasker.

Fantuz has lots of experience as a holder. I did hear that there was one kick where the laces were turned in. Hard to say if that had any bearing on the kick or if those misses were just the result of inexperience in compensating for the wind.

Well said...the DBs play off and then go for the big hit for the highlight replays...should play more man to man and tight...we will soon see if they are fast & good enough to stay with the receivers...if not then make changes.

“Prevent Defence”
That is the problem…
And that is play calling “Orlando”.
This has been going on for the last 7 games.
Enough said

The secondary all feel weaker and slower than the last few years when they would swarm and make sure tackles play in play out.. this year i really don't think it's a play calling problem they're just mostly garbage players that don't wanna or just can't get better.

If DB's aren't allowed to have contact with receivers 5 yards past the line of scrimmage,
Why are our weak DB's lining up over 10 yards back?

At least some of the time, Line up 4 yards back, make contact and impede their progress and timing,

What they are doing now is clearly not working! We are getting killed, Our DB's can't cover and they can't tackle.

No way this is on Orlando, these guys are just not that good.

Agree...we can't seem to find players any longer. The cap is likely the issue.

I agree with Grover that our DBs can't cover or tackle. I'm referring to the corners and one halfback. We need help in those 3 spots. We still haven't replaced Delvin Breaux. :frowning: The Dline and linebackers are solid and Emmanuel Davis and Courtney Stephen(Daly) are producing. Rico seems to have disappeared. Here's hoping that he's not injured.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

This. One cannot turn crap into chocolate cake. No matter how good a baker.

I wouldn't put this on Steinauer (as my sig quote probably indicates). I think the problem, as an outsider, is that losses on the D-line have blunted the pass rush and thereby exposed the secondary. Hamilton used to be a juggernaut on the defensive front, which allowed you to get pressure up the middle, take away enemy QBs' sightlines, and force sacks or incompletions.

I agree somewhat, but the main Steinhauer defense seems to be to pressure with three, occasionally four linemen with the odd linebacker or safety blitz. The linebackers, and occasionally one of the D-linemen drop off into coverage, and the DBs play 10 or more yards deep.

With no contact after 5 yards (and we don't contact inside 5 yards very often anyway), the receivers have a 5 yard cushion every play, to make an easy catch, and take a step or two to either get a first down or be close to a first down. Combined with sloppy tackling, these short drop passes all too often turn into easy 10-15 yarders, and occasionally more. Give the opposition a short field, and three or four of these result in a FG, as we saw most recently in Regina.

With the ball out so quickly, every QB playing Hamilton seems to be a 75 - 80% passer and is up in the high 200 or 300 yard gains. Even back-ups and subs. Our defence seems to be let the guy complete his 80%, but hope the receiver drops one in the end zone?

Either we don't have the players, or we don't have the schemes to shut them down.

Baker Orlando seems to be just an ingredient or 2 missing. Imagine what our defensive stats would look like if he did (see link)

[url=] ... eamdefense[/url]

Could't have said it better...we play too far off the receivers

We have 22 players on the injury lists. I'm surprised that the Cats are even in some games. Calgary will be a challenge. It would be nice to get some/ all of our starters back in uniform. :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Another puzzler for me. For example, Schuerman. He seemed fine after the Montreal game, never mentioned any nicks or dings in his media scrum, but then never made it to practice the next week, and winds up on the 6 game IL? And he has not been the only one, although not all are 6 gamers. How and why are these guys getting hurt - poor conditioning, sloppy practice techniques, or is it really a salary cap issue?

I can see a guy like Owens who limps off and is treated on the sidelines. But how does an apparently healthy, well-conditioned athlete get so seriously injured between the final whistle of a game and the beginning of the next practice session?