Defense for Next year....... With some help

How about a 3-4 system that uses a combination of linebacker and DB blitzes and disguises coverage, this is the personnel we would need though
D Ends: Nautyn Mckay Loescher and Charlton Keith
D Tackle: Dario Romerio
OLB's: JoJuan Armour and Reggie Hunt
ILB's: Zeke Moreno and Ray Mariuz
CB's: Chip Cox and Jykine Bradley
DB's: Tay Cody and Lawrence Gordon
S: Sandy Beveridge(or a new import)

id throw anderson in there to. i dont care what anyone says the mans got tallent, and he was treated like **** by marcel.

I agree 100%, and they should also bring back Kahlil Hill another guy Marcel dumped.

3-4 is no good, To easy to run on and you need that 4th big d-lineman to wear down the o-line for the whole game.

wow i cant belive you got me started on him lol. hill has so much talent and we just gave him away. he was a huge threat returner, and big tall reciver

The 3-4 is actually a better run stopping defence if you have the right personnel for it.

I really don't like Beveridge starting at safety.I would like to see an import used at this spot who can cover as well as hit. Sandy can't really do either. He's a good special teamer thats about it.

Toronto uses it a lot and they always lead the league in defence. I'd rather have a good pass defence then run defence and I prefer a 3-4 because you can then run a lot of exotic blitz and zone packages and do a lot of stuff to confuse the q.b.

Well, your right about the pass defence. That is because their secondary had and has been together for so long. If you remember, last year, and the years previous, Toronto couldn't stop the run and relied mainly on their secondary to save them when the field got short. Everyone called it the "bend don't break" defence when it should have been called the "oh my god, please don't blow the coverage or we're screwed" defence. In a passing league pressure on the QB is very important and that 4th d-lineman is a must.

re scotty-dog-wrote-Sandy can't really do either. He's a good special teamer thats about it.----------- Another smear against a non import, Beverage was the hardest hitter the ti cats had last season, All imports included- J O- --- Re 3/4 D, IMO the Hamilton D has traditionally been a 4/3 D with emphasis on putting pressure on the QB. of course a good coach uses the talent at his disposal as is best suited. but the 4/3 is better imo

That's bang on accurate, play the hand you're dealt.

Personally I have never been a big fan of the 3/4 defence. When Creehan went to it in Calgary, however, it made sense at the time. He had 4 great linebackers, pretty much each in their prime, George White, Scott Coe, John Grace, and Brian Clark. Running a standard 4/3 defence would mean sitting one of those stars on the bench......that makes no sense, so going with a 3/4 made sense.

But then, with White and Grace gone, he stubbornly stuck to the 3/4 when he didn't have the personnel to justify it. And so this past season he got fired.

He should have learned the lesson you so succinctly put; a good coach uses the talent at his disposal as is best suited.

Same here; if the Cats coming out of training camp have the personnel to run an effective 3/4 defence or an effective 4/3 defence, then that's what you go with; I wouldn't chisel any preconceived ideas into stone here; but if you end up with 4 great LBs (and right now the Cats have only 2, really, in Moreno and Armour if he re-signs), then go with a 3/4; if not don't.

And thats a fact Jack :cowboy: - who said that?

This has nothing to do with Sandy being a non import. But I don't think Sandy is good enough to justify starting him as one of our NI's there. Sandy never made one play last year where I thought wow we've wasted him. He's a decent player but we need to get better in the secondary and he's not an upgrade.

I'm getting really sick of this notion that we have to start as many canadians as posible. You start the best Canadians you have. If a NI is better (and lets be honest NI's have had much better coaching and training than Canadians have had. Osimah Atogwe for the Rams is a NI i would have loved to have had, but alas he played in the NCAA and with the caoching and training he got he was good enough to start in the NFL.

I don't think it matters how many Canadian's or American's you start, i think what is important is that the player you start is the best one available to you at that position, doesn't matter if he's Canadian, American or even Mexican.

Thats my thought. I would prefer someone other than Sandy at the Safety spot. i specifically said an import in reference to the suggestion at thqt spot at the beginning of the thread.

beverage was the only TigerCat to make any high lite real, with respect to contact on the op.- i dont believe that ncaa is automatically superior in training and coaching, - it comes down to numbers, the U.S is 10 times bigger in population. so there will be More top[ level graduates. this is why they allowed imports eons ago. , imo Beverage like every other non import should get a fair shot at earning a starting position. without prejudice!

Sure he should, I will never disagree with that. However he has been on the team long enough, with enough coaching changes to kinda validate that he isn't a starter. If he was one of the numerous coaches we had would havestarted him without doing so to replace an injury.

And the NCAA is light worlds ahead of the CIS in coaching and training.

re scotty dog wrote-And the NCAA is light worlds ahead of the CIS in coaching and training.----------- Any link,s to verify this, any proof, or did you here it from soemone who knows somebody??

I don't think with the coaches we have had (Kavis, O'Neil) who have started bad players (Anderson, Justin, Shaw) while benching good players (Bradley, Gordon) that we can really trust the previous regimes' personel decisions.

Shades of Mike O'Shea but Rich Stubler has said the D really came together when they acquired Adriano Belli for their 3-4. He can physically dominate the line play in the middle and opens up possibilities for the ends and the LBs.

Another bad personnel move by the Cats. Yes, I remember his bonehead penalities but you don't just find strong D linemen who play as a non-imports growing on trees. Belli was basically given away.

An Argo-Cat fan

Is an unhappy, undisciplined player worth keeping?

I always liked Belli, and I'm glad he's turned his play back around. But he wasn't working out for us in the end.

Also, we didn't give him away. He was traded for Clinton Wayne and Phillip Gauthier. Wayne played solidly and I expect him to challenge for a starting spot and come back from a season of injury. Gauthier has been a good special teamer and has potential at safety.