Defense, and Wally, told you not to worry meant to be!

Dear Lions fans,

Funny nobody responded to my posting earlier in the week, cause you knew it was the truth. Even with Jarious, the defense was great again. No field goals today, no close game, no contravery, two new quarterbacks, no Jason Mass comeback, do all you Wally bashers from last week still want Larry Kuharic back to coach Lions? Anyways, Nice win. If Calgary loses to Toronto all Lions need is split and one win in last two games. Something like that. No garentees though, Calgarys D is great as well. In the critics defense, Wally can ill afford anymore brain farts along the way. Period. So chill Wally doubters or go find Larry.

Good to see the team come out and play so well after last weeks loss. Won't go into it again.

Too bad Pierce went out with that arm injury, he looked as if he was really going to put up some points. Hope he's good to go next weekend. JJ looked pretty good though glad to see him move the team.

Calgary will be tough so I guess this time next week we'll know just how good the Lions are. Would be great to see them just crush the Stampeders.

Happy for the win and the way the team played. They bounced back from last week, and that's a sign of a good team. I was concerned about how they'd respond in this game.

Considering the weather conditions this game was played in, the Leos played well. Nice to see J. Jackson throw a few TDs, especially responding so quickly after the Hamilton TD to start the second half. That first TD throw by the Lions' third stringer took all the life out of the Ti-Cats.

I'm looking forward to the Calgary games. The Lions and Stamps are the top two teams in the league, and I do want the Leos to stomp the Stamps!

Paris Jackson played a up and down game, but mostly up with the big td, and a couple good catches. Jarious did better than I thought, so he must really be paying attention in practice. I agree with you it was nice to see him get a couple of tds. That was exciting. Where does he get these guys,lol. Hope Buck is ok, this quarterback situation with injuries gets worry some but we might be ok down the stretch. Does anybody else think that was a catch in Toronto? I think Calgary got ripped off on that one, bet the Calgary board is full tonight.

I'd have called that a catch, but it's still no guarantee they would have scored even with a new set of downs. A tainted win for TO, but no matter how Calgary loses it's always good. The papers here tomorrow will cry bloody murder.

Looked like a catch to me too, and I was surprised it wasn't called such on the review. That balances out our OT loss, so all's right in the Universe. :wink: