Defense 2015

So, with all these ghastly no-contact rules going into effect, what do you think our D will look like this season?

Defensive Ends: Gabriel Knapton, John Bowman, Brian Brikowski, D.J. Roberts, Aaron Lavarias, Markell Carter
Defensive Tackles: Khalif Mitchell, Corvey Irvin, Alan-Michael Cash, Scott Paxson, Odrick Ray, Damien Jacobs, Jeffrey Finley*, Michael Klassen*
Linebackers: Kyler Elsworth, Chip Cox, Bear Woods, Nicolas Boulay*, Kyries Hebert, Winston Venable, Kyle Norris*
Cornerbacks: Mitchell White, Geoff Tisdale, Bryan Shepherd, Billy Parker (he's listed as a CB on the web site, for some reason)
Defensive halfbacks: Dominique Ellis, Jamaan Webb, Jerald Brown, Chris Smith, Chris Thompson, Andrew Lue*, Jamahl Knowles*
Free safeties: Marc-Olivier Brouillette*, Mike Edem*, Daryl Townsend*

How do you think things will shake out in training camp? If you had to guess right now, what would your starting lineup look like? This is just for fun, so please, don't bother to point out that our opinions will change based on who survives training camp. I just want to see what everyone thinks.

DE: Bowman (Brikowski)
DT: Cash (Paxson)
DT: Mitchell (Klassen)
DE: Knapton (Roberts)

SLB: Cox
MLB: Woods (Lavarias)
WLB: Venable (Boulay)

BCB: Tisdale
BHB: Brown (Ellis)
FS: Brouillette (Edem)
FHB: Parker (Webb)
FCB: White (Lue)

My feeling is that Chris Thompson won't survive camp, and that Thorpe will essentially go with the same roster as last year, with the addition of Mitchell at DT to form a solid three-man rotation with Klassen and Paxson. Down the line, I can see the team starting Klassen at DT if and when he comes into his own, but I don't think that time is now.

As the year progresses, I think we'll see changes to the base packages and playbook depending on how the officials call the new rules. I wouldn't be surprised to see modified cover 3 packages appear over the season to take away deep passes to the middle of the field.

Tis now official welcome Mikey J Sam!

Just saw that. Good news for us! He'll be in the mix at defensive end, for sure, which is a great thing, because we're not exactly overflowing with options at DE.

First of all welcome aboard Michael Sam. Anxious to see how he does as a rush end.

Perhaps a case of sour grapes by other teams, but the Als DBs have been accused in recent years of being clutchers and grabbers. So I am anxious to see how our veteran DBs handle the new no contact after 5 yds. rule. Do they still have the quickness to keep up, or will we see the insertion of some of the younger faster DBs like Ellis, Shepherd, Webb?

I'm interested in that issue too, sheldon. This is why I think a younger guy with a motor like Webb has the inside track at a roster spot this year as we evaluate how the game is played on the field with the new no-contact rules. Jamaan could start the season as a backup and end it as a starter if he plays his cards right. Billy Parker, in particular, isn't getting any younger. At some point, I'd love him to transition into DB coach and let us fill his spot with a younger body.

Pour avoir vu d'assez près Webb jouer contre les Bou! Bombers l'an dernier, je peux dire que j'ai été très déçu de son jeu. Il ne cherchait même pas à regarder si le ballon avait été lancé. S'il l'avait fait, il aurait probablement évité 2 touchés aux Alouettes dans cette partie qu'ils ont perdue par 1 point. Webb était non seulement dépassé constamment, mais il ne s'est pas amélioré au cours de cette partie. Je ne me surprends pas qu'Ellis et Lue soient passés en avant de lui par la suite.

Pour reprendre l'exercice :

DE: Bowman (Sam)
DT: Cash (Klassen)
DT: Mitchell (Paxson)
DE: Knapton (Brikowski)

SLB: Cox (Boulay)
MLB: Woods (Brouillette)
WLB: Hebert (Venable)

BCB: Tisdale (Smith)
BHB: Brown (Ellis)
FS: Brouillette (Edem)
FHB: Parker (Thompson)
FCB: White (Lue)

Mais je dis n'importe quoi, évidemment...

Je crois cependant qu'on devrait voir plus de rotation des joueurs au cours des parties. Lorsqu'on regarde les substituts, on voit qu'il y a des joueurs qui sont prêts à voir plus de jeu. Je regardais encore hier la derière partie à Toronto de la saison 2014, et l'excellence du jeu de Boulay et Finley m'a encore impressionnée. Boulay est rapide, et en ce sens, il pourrait faire un bon substitut à Cox.

All true, but Webb is still very young (23) and he's got a nice body type for the position (6'1'' 210 lbs.). He's a project and will need some grooming, I think. I agree that he wasn't impressive last year, but he may have higher upside than some of the other candidates to replace Parker and/or Brown when they eventually retire.

I think thats something that is seen league wide among the older veteran DBs. Where they doing it because they have slowed and that type of play was allowed. Or were they doing it as an extra advantage that comes with experience. I suspect it will be a mix of both depending on the player.
Younger faster may begin to happen. With most DBs in the CFL coming from NCAA and some with NFL experiences where that was the way of life.

Bon point. S'il demeure au sein de l'équipe cette saison, ce sera sans doute parce que les entraîneurs auront fait cette lecture de lui.

I wonder if bubble coverage and match coverage will become a thing of the past with the new no-contact rules. If you can't defend your turf past the five-yard mark down field, it will be awfully hard to "pass off" a receiver with a bump as he leaves your zone to disrupt his timing. Similarly, dropping off into a 10-yard cushion will be tough if that receiver can then just attack your side of the field and breeze by you, knowing that if you try to defend your turf or jam him, it's PI. It almost seems like the new rules might force teams to man up or under with deep zone help on most plays. I certainly think cover 0 will become nigh obsolete.

Exact, et dans une certaine mesure, ce nouveau règlement augmente le risque de blessure des demis défensifs parce les joueurs défensifs ne pourront pas progresser dans l'espace de 5 verges pour se placer en situation de bloc. Leur confrontation physique sera donc moins facile à amortir par rapport à des receveurs qui ont pris 8-10 verges d'élan. Les demis défensifs devront à la fois grandir, grossir et gagner en vitesse. Joyeux paradoxe!

Good points. It's going to be a clusterfrack IMO.

They just will have to play the ball. They have the same right to the ball as a receiver. If they have a line they will be at an advantage over the receiver. This is the way the game use to be played up here and it morphed over the last decade to the point where defensive backs aren't even looking for the ball. I think interceptions will be up, there will be good things happen from this over time.

Well, we've been over this many times so I won't get into it again. :smiley: But I'll just say that I see nothing wrong with a defender being able to defend the position he's occupying on the field as long as he's square to the receiver. Now we'll have receivers running right at DBs who will have to get out of their way and potentially get burned on a huge play or else get flagged for PI.

He doesn't have to get out of the way.Defender can stand his ground in fact if the receiver runs the defender over. It is the receiver who will get flagged. Now if the receiver comes up to the DB and the DB pushes the receiver then he will be called. At least that's the way I see it. As much as you will see more big plays on broken coverage you should see Interceptions up about as much.

Le demi n'est pas obligé de céder sa position dans les premières 5 verges, mais si Green ou Lewis ou Ernest Jackson s'amène à pleine vapeur et que, disons, Ronnie Yell est devant lui, je doute que Yell ait beaucoup de succès à dévier son opposant de sa course avec seulement 5 verges pour travailler.

Il est possible qu'on voit plus d'interceptions, mais c'est à l'usage qu'on verra si cette hypothèse se vérifie. Chose certaine, la dynamique des jeux de passe et des dégagements va sérieusement changer la donne et j'espère que ce sera en mieux.

Pressure on the QB will be very important. I think that's where the focus of DC's will move. Defenders won't be able to come to the line of scrimmage and push a receiver and hang on to them for dear life and make a living with that. We should see more zone coverage. Of course this is all guessing until we see how officials call the game. They say you can't make contact with a receiver in open field but will allow hand fighting...

Pierre Vercheval expects to see a more aggressive defense from Thorpe:

Si j'étais un demi défensif, j'irais voir Noel Thorpe pour lui dire que s'il veut blitzer pour presser le quart, je serais son homme. Le terrain de la LCF est vaste et si on ne peut pas accrocher le receveur pour le ralentir, ça risque d'être difficile. J'ai l'impression qu'on va revoir la défensive pour mettre plus de pression et s'assurer que le quart se débarrasse du ballon rapidement.

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