Defense 2013

Never too early to start discussion! :stuck_out_tongue:

[ol]- Untouchables (core pieces): Bowman, Cox, Emry, and Parker

  • Supporting cast: Cash, Davis, Ingram, Hebert, Brown, Anderson. Some could be released for cap reasons, though (Davis is on the bubble given his age and salary).
  • Wildcards (could be difference-makers if they develop and/or stay healthy): Brouillette, Lockley, Ingram, Bekasiak, Pall, Adebayo
  • Unknowns: Carter, Townsend, Dublanko
  • Cuts: Ihekwoaba, Williams, Osaisai, Jenkins[/ol]

I would move Hebert to the untouchables for the highlight reel hits he delivers.

And remove Emry from the list of untouchables.

I would make the following moves:

Untouchables: Add Brouillette,despite the fact that he's injury prone.

Supporting Cast: Add: Bekasiak,Booker,Ogbu and Williams;exclude: Davis.


Moton Hopkins should be added to the Wildcard category. He had been penciled in as a DL starter last pre-season before his blood clot.

And I guess it is no news is bad news in the case of Mark Estelle. We would have heard something if he has recovered from his knee injury.

Dwight Anderson is going to be an interesting case. He is a high ticket free agent and his agent Darren Gill said yesterday that it is going to be up to Thorpe to see if he wants him.

This is more Alouettes Defense 2011, but Drew Edwards reporting Mr. Vanilla Tim Tibesar is a candidate for Hamilton defensive co-ordinator.

Solely for entertainment purposes, I really really wish that some team would hire Gary Etcheverry as defensive coordinator. . .

My rationale for placing both where they were:

Hebert delivers great hits, but he's not a great coverage safety. He doesn't have the lateral movement to ball-hawk unless we're defending the red zone and he has less real estate to cover. He reminds me a bit of Will Loftus -- hard-hitting blitzing safety who had trouble with coverage responsibilities. Give me a choice between a Loftus-type safety and a Barron Miles-type safety, and I take Miles every time.

Emry is an elite MLB. Whatever you may think of him, he's a top Canadian talent in this league and part of the core of this team going forward.

I'd forgotten about Hopkins. Thanks for that, Sheldon. Anderson, I feel, is going to have to accept a salary reduction to stay. He's not the player he was a few years ago. He can still be effective in the right scheme, but I would not break the bank for him.

I know Richard would probably disagree with this, but I would like Popp to reach out to Anwar Stewart and bring him to training camp, not with a guaranteed job, but with the understanding that he makes the team IF he clearly and fairly beats out his competition at defensive end. It still burns me that he wasn't allowed to fight for a job last season in TC.

While we may disagree on Anwar Stewart, I would like to add that I respect and appreciate all your comments. Anwar played with Calgary because they had many injuries to DL;he had a good game,against Winnipeg and that's it. 1 tackle in the Grey Cup game. If Jim Popp can't find a younger and better DE,the Als are in trouble.

I agree with you concernig Kyries Hebert; he is not a top safety,eventhough he is the Eastern all star at this position and will probably be the League all star.

The Als have good talent on defense and I hope that the new defensive coordinator,Noêl Thorpe, will find a way/system that will maximize this talent.


Oh, I agree that Popp HAS to bring in lots of quality DE talent for training camp. I just think that if the 'old man' can beat out that talent, or at least earn a rotation spot at a reduced salary, he should be given the chance. I dislike how we sent him off, not even giving him a chance to earn his job.

I too respect and appreciate your comments, even when we disagree. I also appreciate your detailed analysis of our roster situation from week to week during the season.

I agree with you concernig Kyries Hebert; he is not a top safety,eventhough he is the Eastern all star at this position and will probably be the League all star.
And he's an import, to boot. Frankly, I would rather take my chances with Brouillette as the starting safety and Townsend as the backup, freeing up an import spot for us to use elsewhere (D-line?).
The Als have good talent on defense and I hope that the new defensive coordinator,Noêl Thorpe, will find a way/system that will maximize this talent.
I hope so too, if only because I am sick of starting each year with a new DC and big question marks surrounding the defense. It would be great to have at least a two-year span of continuity. I know some here aren't bullish on Thorpe, but Trestman knows him (back from when Marc was a guest coach for the Als in 2007) and Jim Popp knows Thorpe very well. He seems cut from Trestman cloth insofar as he's a student of the game. Chip Cox has already said good things about him. So I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

To me, the two big areas where we need help in terms of defensive personnel are defensive end (a good pass-rusher to play opposite Bowman) and defensive back (a physical DB to line up inside). We're fine at linebacker (Cox, Emry, Ingram/Hebert), we can use Anderson and Brown as our corners, and IF all our defensive tackles are healthy, we shouldn't have trouble up the middle with Cash, Hopkins, Bekasiak, Adebayo, Pall, and Berry.

Brouillette interviewed on RDS and openly said Reinebold had a lot of trouble adjusting to what teams were doing. Cited the EDF as proof. Said he thinks a DC's job is not just to install the defense but to adjust the schemes when other teams are having success moving the ball on us.

Brouillette really made the transition officially complete to MLB and is moving towards being a starting MLB. He is in his prime and can stay healthy. Having him and Shea Emery a dangerous duo at MLB and special teams with guys like that able to spread their time on defense and on coverage teams they should be awesome on coverage teams

Not sure he's durable enough. He hasn't managed to play a complete season in 3 years and that's has a second tier player. He's a good player but I would not rely on him as a starter.

Yup that is his issue he has the skill but yet to show durability. would be a key season now that he is in his 4th as a MLB needs to prove he is durable now that he has matured. Tough enough for a rookie to make the physical move from an 8 game season to an 18 game season let alone move from QB to MLB.

I agree with you D/P regarding Stewart. The Als also ran into injury trouble on the d line this past season. Stewart would have been welcomed not only for his on field contribution but off field as well. He was one of their best d lineman down the stretch last season too. If he was willing to accept a back up role for the right money, I would not have any problem having him on the team.
However I believe the Stamps have already told him he has a shot at making their club in 2013.

Marc O Brouilette as starting safety backed up by townsend may be the better way to go. Herbert fit that Reighnbold safety switch with Chip cox that everyone figured out but kept doing Herbert and Townsend were equal on ST tackles. Emery, Brouilette and townsend would be able to cover the safety MLB and ST and all are NIs.

Billy Parker snubbed AGAIN for all-star nomination. Ryan Phillips, LOL? Whatever, CFL.

C'est la rançon de trop bien jouer. Pas de jeu de son côté, il est donc devenu invisible. Les équipes s'essayent encore du côté de Philipps, mais pas de celui de Parker. Ça dit tout mais quand vient le temps de voter, tout le monde a oublié. Enfin, presque tout le monde... :wink:

Yup. Parker doesn't showboat or talk trash, he just goes about his business. And he did it despite playing every position in the secondary except safety this year. If he played anywhere but Montreal, he'd get his accolades, but our guys have to be twice as good as the next player to merit all-star consideration.