Is it just me or the over the top media coverage in this hockey crazed nation is getting rediculous?
Here is the self proclaimed Center of the Universe(COTU)and hockey sports town only, I opened up the Toronto Star to get my CFL football or Argo coverage(ya right who am I kidding)and what do I find. Including the front page of the Sports, there are a further two more pages of Leaf nonsense.
That’s not the “best” but here it is from the ridiculous to the sublime, a minute by minute, blow by blow outline of the Leafs first workout.

“Life as a Leaf in the Paul Maurice era: Day One”
Sep. 16, 2006. 08:52 AM

Coach Paul Maurice promised an up-tempo game from the Maple Leafs this season and, if his first day of on-ice workouts are an indication, the players are going to have to deliver. Here’s a brief summary of Maurice’s first on-ice session as the Leafs’ bench boss.
9:22 a.m. Centre Erik Westrum, the first player out of the dressing room, joins assistant coach Keith Acton on the ice at Ricoh Coliseum.
9:28 The entire first group on the ice skating, Maurice has them pick up the pace of their warm-up laps.
9:30 Two-man passing drill the length of the ice.
9:31 Water break
9:32 Players begin individual puckhandling and shooting as Maurice exhorts them to “move your feet, move your feet.”
9:35 Quick outlet pass from corner to create one-man break. “Faster. Pass the puck hard,” shouts Maurice. Changes it to have players receive pass skating backwards.
9:40 Blackboard explanation and quickly into next drill, emphasis on puck movement as outlet pass creates 2-on-0.
9:46 Water, blackboard chat.
9:49 More rapid puck movement as defenceman starts behind net, outletting puck to create 3-on-1. As rush ends, opposing defenceman starts play back the other way.
9:54 More breakouts, 3-on-1, 4-on-1, 4-on-2. “Shoot the puck,” screams Maurice.
10:02 Water, chalk talk then 1-on-1s as Maurice bellows: “Do it as fast as you can.”
10:11 Explanation followed by 2-on-2s with breakout from end zone. “That’s good jump,” encourages Maurice.
10:18 Water.
10:20 Hard skating. In groups of three, in a line across top of faceoff circle, players skate to blue line and then sprint to next blue line. Repeatedly several times.
10:23 Water. Several players rest, bending over leaning on sticks across knees.
10:24 More hard skating. This time in groups of two as players repeatedly drive hard over three-quarters of the length of the ice. Repeated several times in succession.
10:30 Whistle ends workout. Darcy Tucker a few others drop to one knee to catch breath.
10:32 Maurice leaves ice to show NHL DVD on obstruction to second group. Mike Peca works on faceoff strategy with Acton. Several players casually fire shots on Andrew Raycroft and Justin Pogge.
10:47 Players trickle off.

Now, I do realize this is the first day of training camp, but I have never seen anything like this. I am surprised the writer did not attempt to find out and follow the players to the washroom before practice and whether they did No. 1 or 2.
Can some of you across the land and in other CFL/NHL combined cities provide anything as stupid as this.
Oh yes, no Argo write up, granted they are working on a bye week, but still today is the first day back to practice and I am sure there is something to write about. There was a small article of the game last night.


Yes, it is ridiculous.

3 whole pages of the Toronto Star sports section are NHL training camp articles. Not a single one on the CFL. :thdn:

How about the Toronto Sports Network (TSN) showing hi-lights from the Leafs intra squad game! :roll: :roll: :roll: I know there were tons of other sports highlights they could have shown.

It will get worse as the world evolves around the Leafs.

yup TSN (Toronto Sports Network!)..

I remember TSN cutting away from a live CFL game early so they could cover the Blue Jays World series parade. :roll:

Can you imagine, cutting away from a live game for a parade! :roll:

I’ll never forget that one!

And the sad part is it is getting much worse, major overkill of hockey, hockey and more hockey. With the season being way too long at 9 months, we are facing 12 months of continuous crap.

Welcome to the Great Canadian Myth...that everyone in Canada eats, sleeps, breathes hockey 24-7!

It's actually becoming as annoying as refuting claims that we all live in igloos.

Which is why I don’t buy any Toronto paper and all are available here in hamilton. It’s sad the coverage the Argos usually get but I think that at least people who really care know what a disgrace the media in Toronto gives to the Argos usually and can cut through this.
Another reason I’ll never be a Leafs fan, unless the MLSE buys the Argos and demands more media coverage for the Argos and CFL.

bobbythefinch wrote:

Welcome to the Great Canadian Myth...that everyone in Canada eats, sleeps, breathes hockey 24-7!

It’s actually becoming as annoying as refuting claims that we all live in igloos


Well said bobby.

Yeah, even the USA Today has better converaidge of the CFL, and they just so when the games are on which day and time.

Mike Peca works on faceoff strategy with Acton.
who is Action?

I had a good chuckle on the drive home yesterday. A military coup in Thailand was making headlines around the world. But, on Toronto radio stations the top story was Tie Domi's retirement! WOW!

Tie Domi was on the front page here too. The Thai coup managed a little box in the top right.

..although.. being the stereotypical eat-sleep-breath hockey kind of person that I am.. I didn't mind. We're all gearing up for pools here at work and I can't help but want to soak up all the hockey news I can get right now.