I know some of you fans on here may not want to face up to it, but our DB's are not doing the job this year. All I heard all year long was how good some of the veterans were a few years ago & they will come around. Well, guess what, we're 10 games into the season, with 1 win & our DB's are still getting beat badly every game. And please, don't tell me that there is not a consistancy of DB's & they need to learn to communicate, which you say takes time. These guys are supposedly pros & if they can't communicate or adjust to their teamates by this time, they should not be playing at this level. What irks me is, when I went to observe their training camp, I saw some really good, speedy, quick & athletic rookies that got cut, in favor of some of the vets. Maybe the vets have lost a little of their luster over the years & the GM need to bring back some of the promising rookies that were cut in pre-season. What could it hurt at this stage of the season? Let's start building for next season NOW & stop the bleeding.