Let’s be clear, I would have kicked the field goal.
We are up by 8 with 50 seconds left and the other teams needs to go 75 yards and get a 2 point convert. Our defence played well all night and we have the best pass defence in the league.
I would have kicked the field goal but our defensive collapse in the last minute was just as frustrating.

June the least you can do is post here in your real name. It should never had gotten to the point of having rely on a defense that was chasing Jennings around all night. We can justify and rationalize all we want. It shouldn't have gotten to OT. The offense had a chance to run the clock out and preserve the victory before OT but they choked again... simple as that. One of these years Masoli and the Ticats Oline will get it right.

It was 33 seconds.

33 seconds of pure hell.

I am mad at June as well.
1-We should have run the clock down on offense.
2-We should have kicked the field goal
3-Our defense should have stopped them
4-In OT we should have went for it on 3rd and one
5-In OT our kicker should have made the kick.

Total team collapse in all 3 levels

But there's something to be said about an intangible called momentum and June Jones made them go into that Overtime completely demoralized and I wouldn't blame players if they quit on him. What else are they gonna do? They can't criticize him. I think players can only take so much of this bullcrap from June Jones before they start to rebel. I think that's what's coming and it's every little bit June Jones' fault. Every drop of it.