I'm curious. . .do any Edmonton followers have any idea regarding the hiring of Greg Marshall as D/C ?

I confess to being a Mark Nelson fan. I thought he did a very good job as D/C in Winnipeg in the tumultuous Mike Kelly year. I also think that he ran a very interesting and creative defensive scheme in Edmonton last season, until the injuries started piling up, particularly along the D line.

So I am somewhat puzzled as to why he was let go and Marshall brought back. Anyone have any insight?

I agree it was a puzzling move. I too like Nelson.
I do think Nelson has been retained as a LB coach.

Marshall's a good defensive coach however and it might have been in the cards all along given Marshall was being paid by Sask while sat out a year. That was the scuttlebut I read in Edmonton. May or not be true.

BTW...Nelson is a resident of Edmonton and is the son of Roger Nelson an all time Eskie great of the past.

for whatever reason many players who have had good careers in Edmonton end up staying there.

According to what ive heard, Mark Nelson was not good at making quick in game adjustments. Greg Marshall is a HUGE upgrade. But i did think that Nelson did a good job.

I have a feeling that Nelson may have had enough of Reeds outbursts on the sidelines.