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J Oosterhuis*
M Lapostolle*

B Barrett*

S Mennie*

J Tuipala

N McKinlay*
T Ortega

S Samuels
M Crumb*
I Charlton

J Sullivan*
I Logan*

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well this is the latest depth chart…what do you guys think…can they make a go of it with this bunch…

the other teams are already afraid of us already:)

add Karikari possibly to the mix...and....Seeing as Karikari is a Canadian...that opens up a few possibilities for an import somewhere in the' d 'at another position.......although I think we have a pretty solid group....i just get real enthused when I look at the ...ends....Canada ...Walls....and then at the best middle linebacker in the league...Simpson...we have the makings of a fine defensive squad...adjustment here...adjustment there.....we are gonna give somebody a lot of trouble...... :wink:

baby, can you believe it, Taman has signed Warner…this guy is Jeanty and Montford like in his abilities…how deep are we are now on the d line…hmmm me thinks Flemming could be on the move…

.....exciting things happening with the team.... finally....I think you're right PIGSEYE.....Flemming could be the odd man out.....Wally in B.C. really wants him badly....maybe we can work out some kind of deal....but for whom...Singh....I dunno....also i been fishing around and caught on to a hot rumour....Karikari will announce tomorrow he has signed a 2 plus 1 year contract with the Bombers.....i hope somebody is not just blowin smoke....would be nice... :smiley:

we should trade fleming for thelwell and a draft pick

Actually Pigseye...if Warner shows signs of of his past in the CFL..
Canada will be standing on the side lines, watching the big guy, make big plays..
He's also a run stopper, something Canada is still learning..but getting better at.
Nice snag Tamon...keep working though..there's one more player we need, and he's a DB..

...Karikari will announce that he is leaving Montreal....for the are we in for a re-make....2 plus 1 yr contract........the pieces are coming together....we can thank Doug Berry for Richards signing.....that was the big turning point he says for his decision.....he would rather play for Berry than the 'Don'.... :smiley:


you know that if we make it to the grey cup we have a big debt to berry

god, imagine berry taking us to the GC gaist the Al's that would be a match up of the ages!

....will he... won't he.... will he ...won't he.....what a bunch of crap ...this situation is ridiculous... regarding can't you make a decision Richard....if its the money game your playing....ALS won't buy it.....if he wants to stay in Mont. because he wants to remain loyal to the club....then stay there... but for cripes sake make a decision...seems to me Bombers are being used as a bargaining chip....and I don't like it.....I RESPECT that fact he has to make a career choice....but I also think he's been given ample time....poor way of doing business....and i guess thats all it is in the end BUSINESS... :roll:

Neither team has changed their offer in a little while so you can't say that he's using us as a bargining chip.

...then why did of last night... ask his agent to re-open talks with the ALS...I MIGHT BE GULLIBLE....sometimes...but I am not stupid.. :wink:

I think Karikari’s a moron, but our defense will be awsome without him. but as for those saying Flemming will be traded because we got warner…warener is a Defensive end and Flemming is a tackle on the inside. theres a big difference, so i dont think that will be happening, although i do think warner is definately big enough and more then aggressive enough to swith to tackle. but what we could do is trade Flemming to B.C. and try and sign Jerome Haywood, it doesnt look like anyones trying for him at all so he may come for cheap, plus the guy had like 42 tackles last year and flemming only had 31, Haywood also had 4 sacks and Flemming had 5, only 1 sack difference, it could save us alot of money to trade flemming for a good player and sign Haywood for cheap. however flemming was battling through injuries, but flemming has a huge contract, we need a good canadian starter like Singh or Thelwell, that would help out alot.

but about our defence, i think were definately awsome, everyone talks about how we set records for surrendering yards, but it wasnt untill our defensive coordnater left that we fell apart, we actually do have a good secondary, does anyone remember that game against edminton when we held them to 14 points. we still lost by to, but we held them to 14 points, then when Rod left we just sucked, now we have defensive guru greg marshal. we dont have to much to worry about on Defence.

but if ottowa Folds we could get korey banks or kyries hebert, korey banks would help out our secondary alot, and with hebert, we’d most definately have the best linebacking corps in the cfl, with simpson hebert and woodson. hebert also led the league in special teams tackles so with him, neil mckinlay and sean gallant wed have amazing kick coverage. with our new coaching staff and this group of guys i think we’ll definately have a winning Defence this year.

...Singh has re-signed with the can cross him of of the list of hopefuls.....Look for Neil Mckinlay to have a great year.....this kid has POTENTIAL.....I wouldn't mind getting Gilles Colon back this year....another guy that has a lot of star potential... :idea:

yeah no kidding, clolons pretty good, and niel mckinlay has alot of potential also and there both canadian, but when i was talking about bobby singh it was because the guys before were talking about trading flemming for someone from B.C. because Buono apparently really wants him over there.

hey I tried to con sporty into going for Abou Mechrek for Miles straight up…but he wouldnt bite.

if we signed hebert, wed possibly have the best linebacking corp, and defensive front in the league. we have cameron for canadian depth behind brown. hes looking good 6-3, 270, Carleton ’98, DOB: Sept. 25, 1974 in Ottawa, Ont. made 22 defensive tackles in 18 games with the Renegades last season. He started the last five games of the season on the defensive line. He finished ’05 with two sacks and one pass knockdown.

hebert would also help our coverage with his 3 interceptions last year, fit in GREAT with woodson and Simpson with 66 tackels, and tied for league leading 29 special teams tackles. hebert, mckinlay, gallant and ockimey will be amazing in special teams, we also have ockimey with 17 tackles, 2 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles in 11 games for depth. we have boyd barrett for safety who is the fastest on the team and a NI. we'll probably be starting an import at safety though.

our secondary we have:
santino hall: 51 tackles, 3 picks in 2004 in 15 games (not much playing time in 05)
Robert grant: 46 tackles, 4 picks, 11 knock downs in 2004(injured in 05)
omar evans: 5 picks, 2 TD's, 8 knockdowns, 43 tackles
William Fields: 45 tackles, 7 knock downs, 4 picks
Anthony Malbrough: 2 picks, 2 knockdowns, 19 tackles in 8 games.(pretty amazing)
stanford samules: 63 tackles
Brad Franklin: 52 tackles

Joe Flemming: 31 tackles, 5 sacks
Doug Brown: 31 tackles, 5 sacks(missed 5 games)
Gavin Walls: 12 sacks, 1 pick, 40 tackles
Tom Canada: 9 sacks, 42 tackles
Ron Warner: 17 tackles, 6 sacks in 9 games in 2000
Cameron Legault: 22 tackles, 2 sacks. started only 5 games, played 18

Barrin Simpson: great leader, CFL all star 4 of 5 years, division all star 5 of five years. 72 tackles and 6 sacks.
Sean Woodson: 90 tackles, 3 sacks
Ron Ockimey: 17 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles in 11 games
Hebert: 3 picks, 66 tackles, 29 special teams tackles(would be sweet if we got him!!!)

not to mention under Rust our D was great last year and we didnt have as many good players as we do now. once he left we sucked, whcih really says something about the scheme. no we have greg marshall, even better then rust.

....Hebert (WITH HIS BAGGAGE) looking for a long term contract with a club and that team will be named soon as WED. ...according to the rumour mill...Taman has talked with Hebert....and he seems interested in coming to WPG.....However i have heard this song before....from a guy named Kari2......Another team is also trying to bend his ear....Personally I would like to see him in Blue AND Gold....I think with a guy like Simpson on our 'D'...Hebert could turn things around....I don't think Barrin would be opposed offer him a word of advice to show a little direction....It may be all he needs to get on track...You sure can't deny the guys talent...I was saying last year ...when it appeared he was going to go to free agencey...that we should go after him. Then the roof fell in with his mega signing with the Gliebs....and then it really came apart with his incident with the law....ALL in ALL i would like to see him in the Peg....another awesome player added to a team who have definitely turned the cornor and headed for BIGGER things.... would be great.. :slight_smile: